It was July 2014, and our tour bus had just pulled into the backpackers of beautiful Venice, Italy. It was day 9 of 17, and after a little sun, booze and late night “get to know one another” DNM’s, things began to ‘spark’ between Jay and me.

We became inseparable for the next eight days, spending every waking second together and making the most of our 12-hour long bus rides to get to know each other properly. We talked non-stop during these trips, and somewhere between Italy and Switzerland, we made a promise to ditch the expected routine of life and live ours worthy of a novel.

We made a good start, sharing our first kiss in Venice and having our first ‘date’ in the love capital itself, Paris. It didn’t stop there. A short three months later, Jay moved to The Uk, knowing no one, and straight into my studio accommodation. We started officially dating the day he arrived and formed the early foundations of our relationships while living together- now that could have gone terribly wrong!!

From there, we lived out a year in London, travelling around Europe as much as we could. We launched our travel blog, moved back to Sydney, Australia at the end of 2015 and then to the Sunshine Coast a year later.

We have spent the past three years (almost) exploring new places around the world and keeping our promise to avoid the ordinary and persue our passions.

Like every story, we have had our complications and quickly found ourselves sucked back into the 9-5 “ we have to settle ” mindset. In fact, it was only recently that we made the decision to stop letting other peoples opinions rule our decisions and break away from routine- once again.

Everything is currently a secret but we can NOT wait to share what our next adventure is.

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Until then,

The dream team, Jay and Louise. xx