Meet Louise

Louise Brady, 25years old from Sydney, Australia.

In 2014, Louise quit her job to travel and relocated to London. She spent three months exploring the many cities of Europe before settling into her new, part time role in Notting Hill, London. Louise spent the next year working three days a week and travelling four.  She had the perfect life:work balance and was lucky enough to share it with her boyfriend, Jay. Louise met Jay while travelling Europe and quickly discovered their common passion for life and all it has to offer.

The two made a pact to ‘live a life worthy of a novel’ and started up in March of 2015. The Blog became Louise’s  way of sharing her experiences with her family, friends and the rest of the world.  Since then, the two have relocated back to Sydney, Australia and are currently planning the next big part of their adventure.

The pair would LOVE to be able to travel full time and believe that one day this will become their reality.

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and because its fun,  a video of buskers in Barcelona, Spain.  xoxo