Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Namaste, and welcome to Captured to Share.

My Name is Louise Brady. I am a young Australian girl in her mid twenties with a serious travel addiction and persuit to live my life outside of the predicatable. In 2014, I set off with a one way ticket to The UK and found myself on a whirl wind love affair around Europe- both literally and figeratively speaking.

A year into my travels, I decided it was time to compile all my crazy stories into one accessible location for my friends and family to read (lets be honest, I was tired of writing the same email to multiple people). Captured to Share has slowly evolved and become a place to share our top travel tips, stories and guides for travellers alike.

Thanks to my own personal love story, Captured to Share has a strong focus on couples travel and is co-run by myself and partner in crime, Jay Foy.  Together, we are ticking off our never ending bucket list and constantly growing and changing as people from all walks of life impact the way we see the world.

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Lets go exploring!!