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How I lost 30kgs using Healthy Mummy’s holistic approach!

Every corner you turn, there is some new fad diet, supplement regime and restrictive outlook on losing weight. What happened to just being healthy the old school way? Good food and lots of it.

I am going to tell you how I lost 30kgs using Healthy Mummy’s holistic approach. It’s the first healthy and sustainable, ‘program’ for lack of a better word, that I have come across (You can check it out here )

Healthy Mummy Sascha
Before & After

From 1200 calorie restrictions, to shake & go meal replacements, accelerants and more, it was beyond refreshing to see a Meal Plan that catered EXACTLY for my bodies needs. That’s not to say I had steered clear of the approaches mentioned above, I’d been there. I’d tried and tested many ways of attaining the body I so desperately desired on the outside, that I forgot to focus on how I was feeling on the inside, I was starving, for more than just food. My body needed a good does of self love.

I kept ending up in the same position, sitting at the computer searching for my next go-to diet. So after my second baby I decided enough was enough. Insert eye roll here, how many times had I said that!?

I didn’t have the education to be a healthier, happier, lighter me. I didn’t know my body would respond to eating more than I ever have in a positive way. I signed up to Healthy Mummy, logged into my app and WHA LA! There were my weekly customisable meal plans, weekly shopping lists, daily exercises and more.

When I first set out on my journey to better habits, it was all about that number on the scales, That soon turned into an addiction to feeling HEALTHY and looking after myself. The more my focus changed, the more I knew this was a forever thing.

I am an all or nothing person, hand me the whole block of chocolate not just a piece. Now I’m a balanced person, hand me one of Healthy Mummy’s Salted Caramel cups ( see recipe here) and I’ll be totally satisfied with one! It’s just about finding YOUR groove.

My top tips to weight loss and a lifestyle change?

  1. Pick your weakness and food swap it!
    You don’t need to miss out on your favourite things (E.g I love chocolate so I always have a better alternative at the ready like Healthy Mummy’s Snicker Mousse or Chocolate Weetbix Slice )
  2. Drink water consistently during each day
    The average adult human body is 50-65% water
  3. Find your focus!
    This will shift but try and steer clear of weight loss being your only goal
  4. Meal Prep !!
    Future you will thank you for it, trust me


I now run an Online Facebook Support Group as a Healthy Mummy Consultant. We all share our journeys, budget tips, articles, recipes, exercise challenges and more. It is a wonderful community of women (not just mums) and we all lift each other up. The world needs more self love and acceptance and my mission is to spread it like wild fire!

You can join my support group here or contact me personally at:

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