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Our Interview with Sara Granados from SARA SEES

I know, I know, I totally went M.I.A 20 days into our 100-day project. The project was intended to run over 100 consecutive days, interviewing 100 people… however, life happens, and our intentions do not always align with our actions.

It was entirely out of my control. After receiving some bad news, I had to hop on the first flight to Sydney and have been completely “off the grid” while I gave my full attention to where it was needed.

Seven days on and I am back home and ready to pick up where we left off with “Day 21″, our interview with Sara Granados, the traveller behind SARA SEES blog.

Sara is a Louisiana native who’s been living in Dublin, Ireland for the last two years. We love reading Sara’s expat diaries over on her blog, along side her many travel guides, stories and, as she calls it, “eye candy” imagery from around the world.  Over to you, Sara….

Our  Interview with Sara Granados from SARA SEES


I’m Sara. I’m a 25-year-old expat originally from a mid-sized town South Louisiana who now finds herself living in Dublin, Ireland. Since studying abroad in Innsbruck, Austria for six weeks after my freshman year of college, I’ve had a constant desire to travel the world, and have managed to make my dreams a reality. I can’t stay in one place too long, so I’m always saving up for my next adventure. I studied Graphic Design at LSU, and I now work in Dublin as a graphic designer.

I talk too fast and daydream too much. I am a coffee addict, semi-professional thrift shopper, and an avid traveler. I love people watching, guys with accents, and bustling city streets. I have daydreams about Chick-Fil-A way too often. Puppy videos on YouTube are my jam. I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd. I dream of one day having a pet panda bear. I love crafts & DIY. I can speak Spanish but am too lazy to regularly do so. Jennifer Lawrence is my spirit animal. I think I’m a lot cleaner and organized than I actually am. I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to pizza. I love huge crowds just as much as I love being in my bed alone watching Netflix on a Friday night.

My personal travel blog, SARA SEES, is where I document my travels and adventures (in which my retellings are usually much more long-winded then they need to be) and talk about expat life and other general musings.

Why do you choose to travel?
I’ve learned so much more from my travels than any class I’ve ever done. I’ve learned about history, culture, languages, nature, food, finance, and just life in general through my travels. I’ve seen the beauty of our natural world, the beauty of the man-made world, and everything in between. I’ve become so much more independent, savvy, and open-minded since I broke out of my comfort zone and decided to see the world!

Where in the world are you now?
I’m currently living and working in Dublin, Ireland. I moved here in April of 2015 only planning to stay for a year, but life had other plans! Dublin is a great and lively city, and the Irish are such nice people. It’s a great gateway to the rest of Europe!

Favourite place you have visited?
It’s really hard to say because places are so different from one another and great in their own ways! But if I had to choose, I think I would have to say Iceland. It had the most stunning and diverse landscape I’d ever seen. I went snorkelling and glacier hiking all in one day!

How do you travel? Solo, tours, couples, friends.
I’ve pretty much done it all. I studied abroad solo when I was only 18. Since then, I’ve been on 30-person tours, a backpacking trip through Europe with eight friends, a weekend getaway with just one other person, and of course, I still love to travel solo!

What made you move to Dublin?
The reason I moved to Dublin is a really practical one. I came on the “Working Holiday Authorisation” visa, which is basically like a gap year. It allows recent graduates from certain countries to move to Ireland for 1 or 2 years (depending on the country you’re from) to do casual work. Basically, it lets you move to Dublin with no job lined up. I arrived in Dublin airport with no jobs or apartment lined up, and I was pretty much ready to “wing it.” Well, two years later, I found a job that allowed me to stay, so I think I did a pretty good job at winging it!

What is the biggest challenge of being an expat?
I’m not kidding when I say I arrived in Dublin with literally nothing sorted out. In the first few weeks here I had to get a job, find an apartment, open a bank account, register with the tax office and immigration office, get an Irish cell phone, etc. It was SO stressful. After I had done all of that, it was a matter of finding some friends!
It’s easy to feel lonely. There was a time here where I was incredibly homesick. It was pretty surprising to me because I’ve never been a homebody and in all my travels before I had never gotten homesick. But I’m lucky because Irish people are super friendly and inviting, and I made friends in no time!

Favourite editing software?
Photoshop all the way!

What are your travel essentials?
My camera + GoPro.

DCIM101GOPROG0502143. Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Top tip for a first-time traveller
Try to branch out of your comfort zone. Meet new people, try new food, and embrace the new culture. Say yes and don’t be scared. Take in every moment.

What is at the top of your bucket list?
Thailand – I’m hoping to go for a month next year!

Best food you have eaten on the road and in what country?
Oh, MAN, have I had some good food throughout my travels. Food varies so much from place to place, and in my experience, it’s all been delicious! I still think where I’m from; South Louisiana has some of the best food in the world. However, I can vividly remember this Truffle Pasta I had in Florence, Italy back in the summer of 2012. I don’t even know what restaurant it was, but it was the most amazing pasta I had ever eaten! I still have dreams about it to this day!

How do you grow your following authentically
YOU have to be authentic and find your niche. Don’t just do what every other travel bloggers are doing. You have to find what you can offer your followers that are unique from the rest. You also have to realize that growing your following authentically takes time and isn’t going to happen overnight. Be yourself and tell your stories. People will want to listen!

Screen shot 2017-05-08 at 8.52.00 AM.png
How often do you travel?
I try to go somewhere at least once a month. Whether it’s a full-fledged trip, a weekend getaway, or just a train journey to a nearby town on the Irish coast – I try to get out of the city and see something new as much as I can.

What cameras do you use?
I use my old but trustworthy Nikon D3000, although I accidentally broke the lens on my most recent trip to Spain ☹ I also use my GoPro, and I love it! I’ve recently gotten into making travel highlight videos of my trips, and the GoPro is great for getting video footage.

What is your favourite social media platform?
I’m a sucker for Instagram. Photography is a big hobby of mine. I love taking photos and I loooove editing them on Photoshop. I’m a visual person, so I love being able to post the shots I’m most proud of on Instagram, as well as browse other amazing photos.

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Back to it! You all know the drill, leave Sara some love in the comment section below & make sure you check out our previous interviews, using the links below. xx

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