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Meet Instagrammer Courtney Elizabeth W

If you’ve been following along since day 1, you would know the only answer for “what is your favourite social media platform” has been Instagram. Instagram has been around since 2010 but has exploded over the past few years. I mean, hashtags crept up on us, opening up the world wide web a little further and exposing us to literally hundreds of thousands of travellers. #doyoutravel

Evvvverrry body loves Instagram and if you’re like me and love stumbling across new and aesthetically pleasing Instagram accounts with a travel theme and hint of personality, I have you just the gal for you!

Our next interviewee is a young American traveller slash Instagrammer (man, America is dominating in these interviews) with the aspiration to visit all seven continents and as many countries as possible, that is, in between dominating her degree of International Law. Busy girl!! A huge thank you to Courtney for taking the time to chat with us tonight.

Here is what she had to say….


Meet Courtney Waller

Hi! I’m Courtney, and I’m an American traveler by day and law student by night. While school certainly keeps me busy, it has fortunately given me a lot of opportunities to travel and study international law. Whenever possible, I love visiting new cities in search of gorgeous views, fascinating museums and tasty beverages. My main aspiration is to visit every continent and as many countries as possible. While I’ve already traveled quite a bit, I’m looking forward to finishing law school next year and taking some time off to focus on accomplishing that dream!

How long have you had your Instagram page, cewanders?
I first got my instagram back in 2013, but I didn’t actually start using it much until I started traveling. I’ve always had a love for photography, and Instagram became an amazing way for me to share all of the beautiful places I’ve been fortunate enough to visit with an incredible community of fellow adventurers and wanderers.


Where in the world are you now?
I’m currently at home in Washington, D.C. where I’m finishing up my semester before I go traveling again this summer. My next trip will be in June all through the Balkans, and I cannot wait!

What is the longest trip you have taken, and to where?
The longest trip I have taken so far was for two months. I lived in Krakow, Poland for a month and spent the rest of my time traveling throughout Europe. It was an incredible experience, but I hope to go on even longer trips in the future!


Tell us about the most interesting person you have met while travelling
The most interesting people I’ve met so far were while hosteling in Prague and Budapest. It was my first trip backpacking alone, and the people I met along my travels were so incredibly kind, fun and diverse. So many of them were so well-traveled and had seen so many places and listening to all of their stories was truly inspiring. I’m so grateful for all the people that I met on that trip because they helped me to conquer any fears I had about traveling alone and motivated me to continue my journeys throughout the world.


Top three travel hacks?

1) Whenever possible I recommend taking the longer destination between routes- while flying may be much quicker, you can see some amazing places and things while training or driving through countries. There’s a lot to be said for taking the road less traveled.

2) On the topic of driving, however, I can also say that I’ve learned the hard way that it isn’t necessarily cheaper than flights. When planning your trip, definitely make sure to properly budget for gas and other costs. If you’re renting a car, there can be A LOT of hidden fees!

3) When you’re traveling, and you’re not sure if your phone will be working in a certain country, make sure to download the location’s map through Google maps for offline use. You can drop pins of locations you want to go to which can be an essential tool if you’re prone to getting lost like me!


What is your favourite thing about travelling? 

My favourite thing about traveling is the way it challenges you. It can be frustrating and difficult at times but the memories, incredible places you see, and people you get to meet along the way make it all so worth it.

You can find Courtney over at: cewanders

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