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Nicole Tersigni from Nicole Buzzing

Nicole is a young Canadian traveller with a pretty impressive bucket list and a list of achievements that is just as striking.
From hot air ballooning over Cappadocia to staying the night in an ice hotel, Nicole ticking boxes, as often as she can.

Nicole shares her travels over on her blog, alongside a collection of thoughts, reviews, DIY tips, relationship talk and budgeting tips. We had a chance to chat with Nicole and find out a little more about her life at home in Canada, why she chooses to travel and what sits at the top of her bucket list ( you can view hers here )

Introducing Nicole Tersigni from Nicole Buzzing

Golden Gate Bridge-SF

Just a little over a quarter century young and presently residing in Ontario, Canada, I share my lifestyle, budget-conscious and travel tips through blog writing and Twitter. I’m a tourism management grad who works at a luxury resort, with a mission to travel frugally where possible. Exploring locally is something I enjoy and do often, as well as venturing into international terrain when I can afford to travel beyond local landscapes.

Your favourite travel quote.
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

Why do you choose to travel?
I think travel welcomes experiences that can’t be offered from the comfort of your couch watching National Geographic. You can learn so much about a country, its people, its culinary diversity, its culture, etc. just by spending some time traveling and interacting with what’s out there, which in-turn helps shape your values and view of the world. You can only learn so much from books, TV and the internet – some things you just need to experience firsthand and travel is one of them!

Chung Cheng Park-Keelung-Taiwan

How do you travel? Solo, tours, couples, friends.
All of the above! Although I traveled with a friend for the majority of my trip and booked a few day tours while visiting Taiwan, I did a bit of solo exploring Taipei, seeking out various attractions by foot and learning to navigate the subway, and even made my way to Tainan solo to visit another friend! The solo route definitely allows you to pursue sites that interest with ample time to explore, but the tours are so much more informational. I also lived in Alberta for a summer on my own during my second year of college, which set me on course for my current career path. My trip to Turkey was booked through G Adventures, with a local guide and a small group of five travelers (I would definitely reserve with them again and would highly recommend their tours). I usually travel with my fiancé when taking trips to the USA and usually friends/family/couples when exploring locally (usually camping in different areas or exploring local highlights).

Top tip for a first-time traveler.
Be aware of risks/safety concerns, but don’t dwell on them during your trip – it will ruin the experience! Be open to changes in plans and go outside your comfort zone. It took me several days to relax during my first international trip to Turkey (having had two bomb attacks just before I visited), but once I loosened up a bit and let the anticipated threats sub-side, I really enjoyed myself!

Moose on the Cabot Trail-NS

What is at the top of your bucket list?
I REALLY want to go on safari in Africa and see the “Big 5”. One of my former profs runs a socially responsible safari company there and makes the experience look thrilling! I love wildlife and believe seeing them out free in the wild would be much more exhilarating that from behind glass at the zoo.
Your travel list is pretty impressive. When did you make it and out of everything you’ve completed, what was the most amazing experience?

My tour in Turkey remains one of my most favourite travel experiences thus far. Having a local guide take us around different regions of Turkey (traveling by domestic flight twice, by van and even a ferry), as well as within a small group and getting to know other travelers (which I keep in touch with today) really made for an unparalleled trip. I really didn’t know much about the country before this trip, and the tour helped me feel more grounded on my first solo international trip. Participating in a pottery workshop with a local craftsman, shopping at the local market and taking a cooking class, and dining with a local family and learning about their life made me feel really submersed in the culture. I was surprised to find he people and culture in each region is quite unique, and even the food and meals vary greatly by region (nearly all vegetarian options versus heavy meat dishes). My stay in Turkey and the tour experience really contributed to my appreciation for and understanding of Turkish culture.

Ballooning over Cappadocia-TurkeyIce Hotel-Quebec

Nicole’s Social Links

Blog: www.nicolebuzzing.com

Twitter: @nicolebuzzing

Again, thank you to everyone who has taken part in our 100 interviews over 100 days project. 


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