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Meet Charlotte Anne

Meet Charlotte Anne, born and raised in the Philippines, traveller, blogger, freelance graphic designer and so, so much more. If the hashtag #girlboss was ever going to be used during these interviews, now would be the time. Charlotte has her hands full, but that hasn’t stopped her from giving 100% to everything she does.

We LOVE Charlotte’s blog, it provides a little bit of everything, from health to style, DIY, travel and everything in between. Charlotte’s blog is professional, well written and home to so many colourful and wonderful articles.

Charlotte explains how she is torn between the professional 9-5 routine and the freedom of full-time travel. She often writes about her travels and recently wrote, ” Travelling is something that opens up minds, changes opinions, and makes us look at the bigger picture. It makes us humble, and increases our knowledge many folds”, well, we couldn’t agree more!

Our Interview with Charlotte Anne



Aside from being an influencer and blogger, I am an employee by day (who really wants to quit her job and be a full-time traveller), a freelance web and graphic designer in between, and is in pursue to finish my MA degree in Psychology. Currently, I am torn between working inside a four-sided box, doing freelance jobs, setting up a business of my own, and chasing my dreams of travel. I wanted to soar not by climbing an imaginary career ladder but by embracing real freedom: chasing dreams one place at a time.

Why do you choose to travel?

I haven’t fully chosen travel yet, but it can be so gripping. I met people quitting their job to travel, and yes it’s amazing, but, not just yet for me. To satiate my desires to see the world, and at the same time, build a house for my parents. I cannot fully quit my job… not just yet. Most times than not, I pack my bags and go to quench my thirst for wanderlust. Resistance only strengthens my obsession. It’s succumbing – transforming me into an obsessive traveler wannabe. I am always happy on the move, in an unfamiliar territory. I like things that are new to me, different. I crave for experiences, escapades that stretch me.

Your favourite travel quote
“If and when it strikes, wanderlust, like an addiction, can be difficult to dislodge. It will insinuate itself into your dreams and take the shape of faraway places. It will sear visions into your mind, visions of places you have yet to see. It will, often, make you wish you were anywhere but where you are, now.” – Unknown



Your favourite social media platform
Of all social media platform, Facebook is my favourite. It offers personal connection and sparks conversation not just among your personal circle but also through other audience. I like how I can easily reach to my fans and potential sponsors too.
What are your travel essentials?
A backpack. I prefer it over wheels. Plus, you can never go wrong with a backpack. I like the ones that are cabin sized, the ones that are durable enough to squeeze into any luggage bin. And yep I get to save the money instead of spending it on baggage fees.
Top tip for someone just starting out on Instagram/Blogging/Youtube?
Embrace your idols. Use them as inspiration but do not copy them. Be unique in your own way. Your blog is an extension of you, and a great blog is always honest. It’s what makes you uniquely you. Well, you can’t fake your way into a successful blog.



Top tip for a first-time traveller

Travel taught me to be brave and go beyond my comfort zone. People don’t enjoy traveling because it means leaving behind what’s comfortable for them, whether it’s their group of friends, air-condition, their favorite foods, pets, the list goes on. Just getting on a plane and going is the first step. It’s exhilarating to forget what’s familiar for a bit and expand your horizons. Once you do, there is no better feeling than taking on unfamiliar territory and making it familiar. All it takes is pulling the trigger, and you’ll come home with endless stories.

What is at the top of your bucket list
I got a lot of that: Witness the northern lights. It’s always my desire to see the magical celestial spectacle. Being able to watch it with my love one, while kissing underneath the shifting dance of nocturnal rainbow, would be a bonus too. Conquer my fear of heights and fear of falling by sky diving in Dubai, be a Hobbit for a day at the Hobbiton in New Zealand, trek to Machu Picchu, have a picnic underneath a sakura tree somewhere in Japan.


Do you run your blog full time?
I go to work as a marketing professional during the day so I cannot fully takeover the blog, sometimes I get so busy with my vacation home rental business. During night time and on my day-offs, you bet, I go full one-on-one with the blog.

Can you share a little about monetizing your blog
Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money. You can place an affiliate link in just anywhere in your blog post, and when people buy the product through your link, you get paid. What I really like about this is that you can recommend something that you love without counting on sponsors. To make affiliate marketing work for you, focus on the good and useful posts. For example, why not create a post about the 10 Best Hostels you’ve been and inject in your affiliate links there

Blog: http://www.charlotteanne.net
Facebook: http://facebook.com/charlotteanne.net
Instagram: http://instagram.com/heycharchar
Twitter: http://twitter.com/heycharchar
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/heycharchar

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