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Our Exclusive Interview with John and Laurel Rodgers

When we decided to interview 100 travellers over 100 days, we knew we would come across some pretty incredible stories, what we didn’t realise, is that we would be so impacted by so many of these almost strangers.

This next interview is one that had us grinning from ear to ear and has us silently hoping our life will be exactly the same when we reach our sixties.

Meet John and Laurel, full-time travellers, photographers and a real life romance novel, with a new page being written every day. John and Laurel hit the road back in 2014 and have been travelling 365 days of every year. The pair has an audience of over 40 thousand followers on Instagram alone, and we are not at all surprised.

We feel blessed to have stumbled across their story (okay, so we asked for it..) and are happy to be sharing it with you all today.

Meet John and Laurel Rodgers


Mount Phousy Laos
How long have you been on the road full time?

We have been travelling since 1999 but left Las Vagas for this trip in January of 2014.

365 days is rather impressive, have you developed an online income to help with the constant travel?
Our photography
As a photographer, what equipment do you swear by? Can you give us an idea of what does into your photography bag for each trip?
We use Nikon. Had D3200 and moved on to D7100. Prime Lenses: 28mm & 50mm and 2 adjustable lenses18-105mm & 55-200mm
Tell us about your favourite travel experience so far; I am sure you have had hundreds.
You are right we have hundreds of favorite travel experiences. But this unique experience stands out as “BEST HAPPY ENDING”.
When arriving in Varanasi, India, the cab took us through the city on the way to our hotel. The surroundings were a shock to us … dirty, dusty, cows in the streets, enormous crowds of people. As we drove, the areas became worse and worse until the driver stopped the cab and said we had to walk the rest of the way. We were taken down increasingly smaller and incredibly dirty alleyways where people and animals relieved themselves in the gutters. Just when we looked at each other with panic, wondering what we had gotten ourselves into, the driver banged on a large metal door. When opened, it revealed the most beautiful hotel with garden, open spaces and smiling people. We both swear we heard a choir of angles singing.

Cairo Egypt

When did you start your blog?
Dec 2014

Top tips for a traveler/photographer just starting out in the blogging world.
Be Knowledgable. – Learn all you can about where you are traveling.
Be Prepared. – Work out your travel plans the best way possible.
Be Flexible. – A lot of times, things do not work out as planned. Roll with it and go on.

Β Who inspires you?
Each other. We were “Soul-Mates” before the term was coined. Once we met (believe it or not, online), it was less than a month before we were married. We have lived and worked together 24-7 from day 1. One of the best things I can say about us is that we each can make the other laugh.

Louang Prabang Laos

Β Has there ever been a time you considered throwing in the towel and returning to the comfort of one location?
Maybe throwing in the “blogging” towel but never stop the traveling or photography. Why would you stop doing what you love?
Why travel? What is it that makes you continue on this journey each day.
Being sedentary is not in our nature (anymore). We had businesses online where we sat in front of a computer every day all day. Then, one day we looked up, and we were old and fat and could barely walk a couple of blocks without huffing and puffing. Within the first year of traveling, we lost 200 lbs together — we can walk up to 4 miles easily and climb to the 4th floor of a hostel. We are 65 and 67 now, and both still love to travel and move around.

John and Laurel’s Social Links


What a beautiful couple! Thank you so much, John and Laurel. We will be following along as you continue to live the dream.

Thank you to everyone who is reading along during our 100 day project, we really appreciate it.


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