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Adventure Traveller Lisa Ramaseder from sportacularwanderlust.

Yesterday, we delighted our readers with the deliciousness of the wandering donut blog and salivated over the colourful imagery of each and every donut…..yummm. Today, we are going to help you all work it off by motivating you with one of the most adventures bloggers I have come across, so far.

Meet Lisa Ramaseder, one-half of the travel couple behind http://www.sportacularwanderlust.com. Lisa explains how sports and travel play and enormous role in her life and that with both, she is fulfilled. Born and raised in Austria, Lisa has a very impressive story to tell, having lived in EIGHT countries around the world and travelled to over 40.

We asked Lisa how she came to live in so many countries and the story behind her blog, sportacularwanderlust. Thank you, Lisa, for sharing.

Adventure Traveller Lisa Ramaseder from sportacularwanderlust.


Lisa in a nutshell: spontaneous, always active, open-minded, fun, adventure-loving, looking for physical challenges and freedom, chocolate-addicted Travelholic

Eight countries? Would you consider yourself a bit of a gypsy/ free spirit?
Yes, I consider myself very fortunate that I have been able to live, study, and work abroad and get immersed in a variety of cultures. I wouldn’t say that I am a typical gypsy and I am still torn between living an “ordinary” life our society expects us to live versus breaking free of the 9-5 work life with “occasional” trips. I seek freedom and don’t collect things. The hardest thing about living in new places all the time is finding a community I feel comfortable with and departing again after having made new friends.

Can you tell us about each country you lived in and how long you stayed at each? (can be brief)
I grew up in Graz, Austria, and after high school, I didn’t quite know what to study and wanted to take some time off. So, I decided to go to the south of France as an Au-pair to not only strengthen my language skills but also to live the French culture and explore parts of the country for three months. As part of my bachelor degree in international business, I got an internship in Tianjin, China, which lasted about four months, followed by my study abroad in Singapore. This city/country is amazing and the perfect destination to explore South East Asia. Before starting my Masters in London, UK I moved to Toronto, Canada for two months to get some work experience. I loved London and stayed there during the Olympics in 2012, but had to leave for my second semester of my dual degree in upstate New York, Cortland. After living in the US (also San Francisco, Chicago, and Colorado Springs) for about 2.5 years, I moved back to Germany with my Californian boyfriend and had been living in Hamburg and Munich since 2015.


You’re quite the world traveller- how many languages can you speak?
Well, I am doing alright… but I have greater ambitions 😉 There are so many other inspiring travellers out there who have been to 100 or nearly 200 countries already. I am currently only fluent in German and English since my French needs some refreshment. I have also been able to converse in Mandarin (needs refreshment as well) and know a bit of Spanish. I would like to improve my Spanish skills and the best way to learn a language is definitely to move to a Spanish speaking country. It is a great asset to speak the local language as your travel experience will greatly benefit from the conversations with locals.

How long have you been running sportacularwanderlust.com?
My boyfriend and I started our blog after returning from our 5-month trip to North and South America in 2015. We have a lot of stories to tell still but often every day life responsibilities get in our way, and we haven’t been posting that regularly. However, we are ready to take our blog to the next level and share our stories from around the globe and inspire people to stay active and travel the world. We are both passionate travelers who also love to stay in shape and healthy, and our trips often go off-the-beaten-path, including physical challenges and activities.


You mentioned you had travelled solo, with friends and with your boyfriend- is there a type of travel you prefer the most?
Great question! Each type of travel has its pros and cons obviously. I enjoyed traveling solo when I was an Au Pair in France and independently travelled along the French Riviera. I also had a great time exploring New York City and parts of Canada on my own while couch surfing and making new friends. I don’t like travelling in bigger groups than four since it makes planning and decision making so much more difficult. I enjoyed travelling around South East Asia and Australia with a study mate, and we were able to share a lot of unique adventures. Mostly I feel safer travelling with someone else, and I enjoy sharing experiences with a special someone. Having my mom visit me in Singapore to explore South East Asia or traveling with her Paris was also very special and unforgettable to me. However, if I had to pick my most favorite travel buddy it would be my partner in crime, my boyfriend. Travelling always comes with some uncertainty and some ups and downs. If your relationship can endure these difficulties and travel mishaps, I believe you found your soul mate. I love going on road trips with him and explore the unknown.

 How have you managed to fund all of these trips?
I learned how to manage my money: I don’t purchase any unnecessary things (material items), and save money to travel. Life is about experiences, not material wealth. I am very fortunate to be able to graduate debt free, as my mom was able to help me complete my education. Nowadays, I have a full time job which enables me to save money for trips (and rainy days).
Speaking of saving money, I religiously research all of my available options and swear by hostels, couchsurfing, and the occasional Airbnb treat. We splurge on some special experiences such as snorkeling between the tectonic plates in Iceland or going on a glacier expedition in Ecuador, but often we opt for exploring cities and landscapes by bus and on foot, and choose low-cost carriers to go places.


 Where in the world are you now?
I am living in Munich, Germany since January 2015 which is great for weekend trips to the mountains (skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, hiking, etc.), nearby city trips (Salzburg, Innsbruck, Prague, Milan, etc.) or just bike rides to the likes in Bavaria.

Why do you believe travel is important? Is it something you think everyone should experience?
Travelling helps you grow up, become independent, acquire planning skills (budget and time), get an open mindset, become more tolerant towards others, increases your chances of becoming fluent in another language and understand other cultures, customs and beliefs. Traveling will open your eyes and you never know who you will meet and where you might end up. I would also advise everybody to join a study abroad program if possible. I have no regrets about studying abroad, and I haven’t met anyone who does. In general, travel opens so many doors and your eyes to all sorts of peoples and cultures. I am happy to have met many friends from all walks of life, and know I will meet many more.


Make sure you following along, over on http://www.sportacularwanderlust.com.
You can also find Lisa on Instagram: Here


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  2. Wow! Lisa sounds amazing. That’s so cool that she’s lived in 8 countries and visited over 40. That would be an amazing experience!

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  3. Thank you Louise for this great feature! I am happy to answer more questions amd look forward to inspire your readers!

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