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Get Your Doughnuts Ready- Our Interview with Dana from Wandering Donut

You’re going to want to stop what you’re doing, right now, and head to your pantry for a snack, because this next interview is going to have your mouth watering and your ability to resist to an all time low. Just don’t resist, GET SNACKS NOW.

Dana Willamson, is an Australian wanderluster, with a slight doughnut obsession. This sweet twist has set her apart from the ordinary travel blogger with over 18K dedicated, donut loving fans. Dana’s Instagram account is a perfectly constructed grid, featuring delicious, colourful, and sometimes crazy, donuts (yes, I am purposely using both spellings throughout this intro) scattered among her usual candid travel shots.

We’ve been following Dana’s travels for a while now, so are so pleased to have the chance to finally ask- What is the deal with all the donuts? She kindly answered, and then shared a few expert tips for all of us. Thank you, Dana! Oh, and we forgot to ask: What is your favourite donut?

Interview With Dana of Wandering Donut

IMG_4906 (1)

I am the Wandering Donut and in the words stolen straight from my Instagram bio I am”an Aussie girl filled with wanderlust and donuts”. I am all about sharing the weird and wonderful things life provides in an awkwardly relatable way! Fall in love with destinations, drool over donuts, crave funky foods, open your mind and wander with me!
Tell us, why Donuts? 
Donuts have been a big part of my brand all along but the crazy thing is that when I first started my Instagram I barely posted any donuts at all and even if I did it was not in the way that I utilise them now. It truly did end up evolving that way, and I already know that it isn’t going to stop here!

The name wanderingdonut came to me when I was first creating my blog. I knew I always wanted something more than an ordinary travel blog and donuts were the answer. I have been a donut lover my whole life so much so that my best friends and family call me donut! So, in a way, it is not just about donuts the food but donut as in ME too!

Where in the world are you now?
I am currently home in Newcastle, Australia. For many people being home is not exciting but for me, I love it! In fact, it is one of my favourite places in the world. There is so much to explore including some of the beach beaches in the world (so good that some of the sand from the local beaches can also be found on Waikiki), one gorgeous lake and most importantly a whole bunch of delicious donuts!

facebook cover tree (1)

Favourite place you have visited?
I always struggle to answer this questions because there are so many places I love for so many different reasons but in saying that there are a couple that will always stand out:
– Venice has my heart and also my stomach, I know for many it is seen as overly touristy but with it being home to the best pizza I have ever had I can’t stop thinking about it.

– Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland literally took my breath away, not just because it was so cold but mostly because of its beauty. I may have only had a couple of nights here but I fell so deeply in love with this place and can not wait to go back!

-Portland, Oregon was the location of my first and only student exchange and although the city and its surroundings are unbelievably amazing, it is the people that really made this place feel like a home. OH, plus the donuts are great!

What is your favourite travel quote?
“You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of knowing and loving people in more than one place.”

Screen shot 2017-04-26 at 8.16.40 PM

What is your favourite social media platform? 

I think it would be rude of me not to say Instagram for this. Not only can I express myself through images but once you really get into it there is such a wonderful sense of community on this platform that I just don’t get across many other platforms.
Tell us about a time travel went wrong
I honestly feel like so many things constantly go wrong when I travel which are mostly made up in my head. Bed bugs, emergency hospital visits, almost being squashed by a giant piece of lava on Mt Yasur, you name it… However, As an over thinker, I always manage to self-sabotage especially when solo travelling but it also didn’t help
that the one time I was solo in Mexico, as the only girl in a 12 person dorm and locked inside for three days due to a hurricane. Don’t worry though, margaritas and burritos fix everything, and I managed to survive!

yosemite nap
How often do you travel?
I try to travel as much as I can but at least once a year! Now that I am starting to make a career out of travel, I would love to increase that, but currently, as a broke student, I am happy with anything!

What is your favourite editing software?
I am always playing around with different editing and still struggle to find an editing process that I am happy with. In saying that, lately I have found comfort within Lightroom both on my laptop and the iPhone app as well as occasionally some very light filtering from VSCO cam.

Top tip for growing your Instagram authentically?
The best tip I can give any for Instagram is to never view your followers as just a number. You should treat them as friends and family; interact with them, meet them, joke around! They are people too so make sure you acknowledge that you never know what connections you will make. I think this is also a big factor in growing an authentic following too and more importantly, keeping that following!
What is the top of your bucket list?
I would have to say that seeing the Northern/Southern lights with my own eyes would be at the top of my Bucket List for now. Hopefully, I will be able to tick that off this year in New Zealand.Stay posted!

Screen shot 2017-04-26 at 8.13.52 PM

Make sure you join the donut team and follow Dana on her delicious journey. I’ve made it easy for you by sharing the links below:

instagram: @wanderingdonut https://www.instagram.com/wanderingdonut/
twitter: @wanderingdonut https://twitter.com/wanderingdonut
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wanderingdonut/
blog: www.wanderingdonut.com

Another day, another inspiring interview! Thank you to everyone who is following along. See you all tomorrow! xx


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