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Shannon Guerrero Did What?

We came across our next interviewee when we were introduced to a ‘commenting’ pod on Instagram (don’t know what that is? well, I’m still not entirely sure, but it’s nice to be part of it). Shannon Guerrero is the name behind travel blog http://www.shannondidwhat.com. She is a graphic designer and content creator from Los Angeles, California, always on the hunt for her next adventure to fuel her travel addiction.

We absolutely love her bright and bubbly Instagram and incredible photography, scattered across her social media channels. Thankfully, Shannon agreed to give us a little bit of her time and answer a few questions about her experiences as a blogger and traveller.

Shannon Did What??


How long ago did you start Shannon did what? What made you decide to start a blog?

I started Shannon Did What about a year and a half ago. One of the biggest reasons I travel is for the photography. Every time I would get back from trips, my friends and family would always want me to share my photos. I, also, always get tons of questions about where I went to get such beautiful images. I thought a travel blog would be the perfect place to share my experiences.

We love the quote “Do one thing everyday that scares you.” [Eleanor Roosevelt] on your blog. Can you share what this means to you?
I think it’s really important to go out of your comfort zone. It’s really a challenge to myself to be more outgoing, to be more adventurous and overall more open. I’ve learned these past few years, especially with starting a blog, that the best thing to do in life is just going with the flow and let life surprise you. When you do something that scares you, you never know the positive impact it can have.


What kind of traveller are you? Backpacker/group travel/luxury resorts?
I’ve travelled in a group, stayed at luxury resorts and backpacked. They really are so different. I just tried the backpacker thing in Thailand over New Years, and honestly, I think I’ll leave the 12-person dorms to my college days. I like the flexibility of not being on a tour – group tours are so regimented. I usually go on a trip with a loose plan of sites I really want to see. The best travel, though, is with best friends whether backpacking, in a group or at a resort.

How often do you travel?
I try to travel as often as I can, which I’m lucky is probably more often than most people. I’ve made the conscious decision that travel is what I want to spend my money on. Having a travel blog has been the perfect motivator! Planning trips is more difficult with the limited vacation time of a full-time job, but I think I’ve done pretty great recently. I’ve been outside of the US three times in the past seven months!


What cameras do you use?
As I said, I love travel photography, so I wanted to invest in a really great camera to capture it all. I have the Sony A7R. I highly recommend the Sony mirror-less cameras. They are so much lighter than traditional DSLR cameras (let’s face it lightweight is key for travel), perform better in low light situations and take just as great quality photos if not better. I just recently got into using my GoPro Hero 4, and when I have room in my bag, I always have my Fujifilm Instax Polaroid.

Top tip for someone just starting out blogging:
I would say just do it! Jump in head first. Do something that scares you. It’s pretty intimidating at first but just stick with it, and good things will come out of it.

What is at the top of your bucket list?
This is one of the hardest questions I get asked as a traveler. It’s tough because I literally want to go everywhere and see as much of this world that I can. Right now, at the very top of my list are Ireland, Iceland and Australia.


Best food you have eaten on the road and in what country?
The best thing I’ve eaten while traveling, and possibly ever, was at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan. We had wandered into one of the random tiny restaurants where they spoke zero English, and there were only ten chairs. We ordered by pointing but ending up eating the most savory fatty tuna sushi (which in Japan is sashimi) over rice. The best part was the sushi chef coming out and saying “soy sauce” and then holding up a big “x” with his arms to tell us that we were not to add any to this dish. After the first bite, I instantly found out why. It was the perfect amount of salty and savory. Hands down the best thing I’ve eaten.



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