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One Couple, Two Backpacks, Ten Months and 32 Countries

A little of ten months ago, kiwi travel couple, Rachel and Jeremy set off on a backpacking trip around the world. The couple created an Instagram page, alike many travellers, and begun sharing their story in the form of colourful images. 32 countries and 5 thousand dedicated followers later, Rachel and Jeremy are about to wrap up what would be, the trip of a lifetime. Something tells me the adventures won’t end there….

The cool part? You and I have been able to follow along.


Introducing Kiwi Couple, Rachel and Jeremy


7. Koh Rong Samloem

We’re Rachel and Jeremy – two Kiwis making our way around the world. We love to have fun and share our experiences! Facts about us: we love cats more than humans, bananas are delicious and the longest bus ride we’ve taken was 28 hours.

How many countries did you visit during those 11 months around the world?
We’re ten months through now – we’ve been to 32 countries, with two more to come. Such a blast! But don’t ask us for our favourite, or favourite memory…we’d never be able to pick!

We imagine you had to save up a lot, before this trip. What are three ways you would encourage people to save money, to travel?
Funnily enough, we didn’t actively save for our trip, it just happened over a few years. Jeremy is really good at saving!

Our 3 tips would be:
1. Put aside 1/4 of your paycheck every month and don’t touch it! Don’t do it!!! Voila, travel fund!
2. Before you buy anything, take 2 days to think about it. Then you’ll know if you really need it or not. (And the answer is probably not!)
3. You don’t need to give up everything to save, find cheap ways to do what you love. Rachel is obsessed with theatre so she would stand in line for cheap tickets, enter lotteries, keep an eye out online for deals etc.

2. Bangkok, Unicorn Cafe

PackPacking can be tough! What was the best and the worst hostel you stayed at?
It’s hard to pick the best because the people you meet have such a big impact on your stay. We loved a little one in Lake Bled during off season, because there was a great bunch of people we went exploring with. One in Argentina with a cool roommate who was learning to juggle, and a chef who cooked us a meal. And there was one in Ecuador with the cutest puppy ever. Those are the sorts of things that stick in your mind!

We have a couple of awful hostel stories, doesn’t everyone? There was one in Arequipa, Peru, where a couple checked in late and proceeded to have ‘fun’ on a top bunk at 2 am. Guys. Come on!

We’ve also stayed in a 20-bed dorm in Florence (Italy is expensive!). It didn’t smell amazing, and there was a guy who would never turn off his alarm. So glamorous right?!

4. Taj Mahal

What would your one piece of advice be for someone considering doing the same thing?
Just do it! We were inspired by somebody we met who had just done a round the world trip. And right now we are so glad we heard their story. There is so much to see; you’ve got to do it your way and on your terms. Have fun!

Are you still on the road? Whats your next travel plans?
Right now we’re on the road, planning to head back mid-May for Rachel’s Dad’s 60th. We don’t think we’ll stick around in NZ for too long – we’ve started batting around the idea of moving to Toronto. We visited last year and really loved the place.

1. Lake Bled

We love your instagram page! Can you give us your top tip for growing your following authentically?
Thank you so much!!! Our top tip for growing authentically is to have content that reflects who you are and to engage with people. Always create conversations and be genuinely interested in what other people are up to. There’s a great community of travellers on there, we’ve made lots of friends through it. (Ps if any of you guys are in the same place as us, and want to meet up – we love doing that!)

How has your trip impacted your relationship?Β 
We don’t think it has made a huge amount of difference. It’s fun, for sure! But we’re a team who bring the best out in each other, whether we are travelling or not.

3. Huatulco, Princess Cruises


We can’t believe it is day 11, already! We are so thankful for everyone who has participated in our 100 day project, whether you gave us your time and answered our questions, or are following along daily.


12 comments on “One Couple, Two Backpacks, Ten Months and 32 Countries

  1. Thank you so much for including our story πŸ™‚ we are honoured to take part xx

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  2. Love your story and recommendations. I like that spirit in my travels even though I do them different from yours.

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  3. Auste and Vidmantas

    Loved reading this! We’ve been following these two on IG and met with them when they came to Bangkok, such a fun couple :))

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  5. You are an inspiration, good example for couples!


  6. Love these two! Always fun to learn more about fellow travellers – plus I can totally relate to hostel nightmare stories haha. There’s always one!!

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