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According to Locals by Travel Duo, Max and Callie

Day nine of our 100 interview project and we are continually amazed by the many travel stories landing in our inbox. Today, we were lucky enough to get an inside into the lives of travel couple, Max and Callie.

The pair describe themselves as somewhat adventurous, with a common love of hiking, scuba diving and world travel!

Over the past seven years, they have been doing exactly that, exploring the world together. While also maintaining their lives back in Toronto, the travel due tend to do stints of a few months here and there.

We absoutlely love hearing about the many ways in which people make time to see the world, who inspires them and how they share their stories through the use of world wide web (thank you, internet!)




Our names are Max and Callie. Both born in Toronto, we’ve been exploring the world together since 2010 and have covered a lot of ground since then. We tend to have opposite styles of traveling, Max is laid back and waits last minute while I love to jump into planning and prefer booking early, yet somehow we always manage to get where we need to go and have an amazing time doing it.

We are both passionately curious, with a shared love for scuba diving, good food and hiking. Our blog is currently being refreshed so in the meantime you can find us at @accordingtolocals on Instagram. Feel free to reach out and say hi, we promise we’ll say hi back!


Why do you choose to travel?
Experiencing new countries and cultures is exciting and gives you a new perspective on life. There are far too many places to visit and explore in this world.

Where in the world are you now?
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (our home base), but we will be visiting Tulum, Mexico for the first time April 25th to visit the Noma Mexico pop-up restaurant.

How long have you been on the road?
We travel on and off depending on our schedules but always come back home to Toronto. Our longest stretches away have been 2-3 months at a time.


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Favourite place you have visited?
This one is tough – its impossible to each pick just one.

Max: Tokyo, Japan, Koh Tao, Thailand temples of Siem Reap Cambodia

Callie: Bali Indonesia, Hanalei Bay Kauai, Barcelona Spain

How do you travel?
Solo, tours, couples, friends. However, we can. Most of the time together, with other family or in a group with other friends. We are lucky to have a large global group of friends so there is almost always someone we can connect with no matter where in the world we stop.

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Your favourite travel quote ?
There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so keep on rolling under the stars”- Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Who inspires you?
Alex in Wanderland is our go to blog for advice when planning our routes.

Your favourite social media platform?
Hands down Instagram. From sharing our adventures with family and friends back in Toronto to keeping in touch with those we meet on the road and as a key tool for planning our upcoming trips. Being able to glance back at a gallery of our life together whenever we want to relive our memories or provide advice to other travelers is great as well.

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The most interesting person you have met on the road?

An astrophysicist at the Black Rock Observatory in Black Rock City at Burning Man. While biking one night on the playa, we stumbled upon the observatory, right as he was arriving for a lecture about the universe. We listened to him speak for half an hour under the stars before heading out to see what else the night had for us. Neither of us can remember his name, but he worked at the Griffiths Observatory in California.

Tell us about a time travel went wrong.

While backpacking South East Asia, we decided to island hop from Koh Tao to Koh Phangan for the full moon party but left buying ferry tickets until the last minute. With everything sold out we ended up running through the streets near the ferry docks with all of our gear trying to find last minute tickets in time or else, we would be eating the non-refundable hotel we had booked and missed the party. Thankfully a woman heard us asking around and lead us from store to store trying to help us. We somehow ended up with tickets for the slow ferry, although we boarded completely drenched in sweat.

FullSizeRender (1)
What cameras do you use? Sony Alpha a5000, Nikon D5300, GoPro Hero 4, iPhone 6

Favourite editing software – VSCO cam on iPhone.

What are your travel essentials?
Max: Swell bottle, headphones, podcasts for long flights or road trips, Lululemon shorts that are great hiking or diving in.
Callie: Eagle Creek zippered packets (These make packing and staying organized on the road incredibly easy), my camera(s), Lush shampoo bars, and loading up on snacks for hiking or road trips.

Top tip for someone who is just starting out on Instagram /blogging/ youtube:
Share instead of sell. Don’t force anything, be genuine while telling your story and others will listen.

How do you grow your following authentically?
Be authentic and genuine in your interactions online and in person with other travelers. Don’t be too focused on numbers, quality over quantity. Lots of people have large followers full of bots; we’d rather grow a network of like minded people we trust that we can ask for advice or travel with.

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Top tip for a first-time traveller?
Do some research and have a plan but don’t be afraid to go with the flow and try new things. Being too prepared or scheduled often means missing out on unexpected awesome adventures. Ask concierges or locals for their favourite restaurants or places in the city to get a different perspective than those from the guidebooks.

What is at the top of your bucket list?
African Safari. We have friends living in Botswana, and we’re hoping to visit them by the end of 2017. We’d also love to cross off swimming with whale sharks some day soon and visit South America.

Share your worst travel experience.
The worst experience had to have been getting severe food poisoning while being out in the heat on the island of Koh Nang Yuan off of Koh Tao to celebrate my 28th birthday. The worst part was we had scheduled our water taxi to come pick us up in 5 hours, and no other boats would take us back to mainland resulting in a miserable five hours. We’ve also been pick-pocketed (twice) in Spain, had lost luggage traveling between Cambodia and Laos, and Max broke his wrist while we were dune buggying in Las Vegas.

 Best food you have eaten on the road and in what country?
In no particular order: Night market vendors’ cheap eats in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 6 am Breakfast sushi at Sushi Dai and Sushi Bun in the Tsukiji Fish Market in Toyko, Japan. Alinea 2.0 Gallery Experience, Chicago, USA, Lucali’s pizza in Brooklyn, NY and freshly cut pineapple on Maui.

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Are you following along?? You can find them  on Instagram, via the link below


Once again, thank you so much to everyone who is following along during our 100 interviews over 100 day project.  We love creating a platform where travellers from around the world can inspire you, daily!

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