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Meet Felicia Broccolo

Whether she is trekking Mt. Rinjani, learning to cook in Ho Chi Min City or becoming scuba certified in Thailand, 22-year-old, Felicia is living a life that many of us dream of.

With an obvious love of waterfalls (seriously, see below) and adventure glued to her feet, it is no surprise people are tuning in to see what she will get up to next!

We’re pretty excited to have Felicia as our number 1 of 100 interviewees’s over the next 100 days and have jumped right into the personal questions.  You may notice the different use of favorite and favourite, scattered throughout the article- isn’t it funny the small differences in our language?… excuse my ramblings, do read on….

Meet Felicia Broccolo

My name is Felicia.  I am 22 and recently graduated from college.  While I was in school, I worked as much as possible and have been able to travel for almost a year after graduating!  I am not sure about my future or what career I want to do with my life!  So, for now, I am going to travel on a budget, work as I travel, and do what I love until I figure it out 🙂

Photo via ciaofelicia.com

How far into your travel did you decide to start a travel blog?

I started a travel blog after I studied abroad and fell in love with travelling!  I was in college and knew I wouldn’t have a tonne of time to travel long term, but I knew it would be a good way to hold myself accountable.  If I was a travel blogger, I had to travel!


What platform do you use to run your travel blog?

I use wordpress.org. I read many travel bloggers posts on how to start a travel blog, and wordpress.org seemed to be the most recommended!

 place you have visited?

This is too hard of a question, but I can give you a few of my top places! Iceland, Norway, Croatia, Indonesia, and The United States.
Iceland and Norway are so insanely gorgeous. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There are giant waterfalls on the side of the road!! Iceland is amazing, but it seems like everyone has been there. Norway feels more like my special place that not as many people have been to!
Croatia was so much fun. I loved the old cities and beautiful waterfalls at the national parks! (I think there’s a waterfall pattern forming here!)
I fell in love with Indonesia. Not just Bali, but the surrounding islands as well. I love the wide range of incredible food, the endless streets to explore on a scooter, and of course the amazing waterfalls!
And I’m from the United States, but I just had to include it because it’s where my favorite place in the world is Havasupai in the Grand Canyon. I used to go to summer camp there with my church every summer before it got wildly popular. It has sentimental value and feels like my secret even though everyone knows about it now! Oh yeah, there’s a lot of pretty waterfalls down there too…

Photo via ciaofelicia.com



How do you travel? Solo, tours, couple travel, or with friends?

I usually travel with my now best friend who I met while studying abroad. We became friends and went on a weekend trip with a bunch of girls and soon after decided to ditch the group and travel just the 2 of us. We have been traveling together now on many different trips for over two years. We travel so perfectly together and get along insanely well.

If I didn’t have her, I would prefer traveling alone. I love travelling alone. It had to grow on me because it can be scary and lonely. But the trips that I have taken alone have made me step way outside of my comfort zone and create amazing relationships with people that I wouldn’t have if I was traveling with someone else.

Photo via ciaofelicia.com

Your favourite social media platform?

Instagram! I love my Instagram. Taking a beautiful picture helps me remember the feeling that I had at the moment the photo was taken and looking at my old photos brings me so much happiness. I hope that my photos inspire others to go out and explore this beautiful world around us! ( Felicia’s Instagram )

The most interesting person you have met on the road?

I’ve met so many people on the road that I literally fell in love with, and not in a romantic way. Meeting people is one of my favorite things about traveling. Most recently, I met a guy who was recently cheated on. His wife cheated on him with his best friend. They had a house and established a life and everything. Instead of letting this ruin his life, he left everything about his past and traveled. He was so open about sharing his story. And that his past sucks. But he is getting his happiness back, and he was so inspiring. I’m so thankful I got to meet him and be a part of his happier future.


Photo via ciaofelicia.com

Finally, tell us about a time travel went wrong (because it does, right?)
Travel goes wrong all the time! It’s funny because we don’t really talk about it, but I think we should. I make my traveling look glamorous, and sometimes it is! But a lot of times it’s crazy and unpredictable. Last month I was in Indonesia taking a ferry from Lombok to Bali. We took the public ferry because it was about 10x cheaper than the fast boat that most tourists take. We were bombarded by people when we got on who were trying to sell us food for way more than they probably would sell it to a local for. And they wouldn’t leave us alone to the point where we were mad that they wouldn’t stop. Eventually, we were left alone. This ferry was supposed to take 4 hours and get us to Bali at 10 pm. We had a hostel booked, and they said they would keep reception open for us late.
At about 11 pm, we were still on the ferry. They made an announcement that wasn’t in English, and we were confused. Everyone else on the ferry started to lay down on the seats. Apparently, we weren’t getting there anytime soon. We fell asleep for a little crammed on a tiny bench with our arms wrapped around our backpacks. Finally, at 4 am, we arrived. Our hostel closed the reception. Every other hotel was closed, and all we wanted was to sleep. After walking around for about an hour and calling every hotel we could, we had no luck. We sat around, and at 6 am we finally found a hotel that was open, and we got a few hours of sleep!
As much as things go wrong while I travel, I can’t get too upset about it because I was in Indonesia! And I’m so thankful for that.

Photo via ciaofelicia.com

Don’t forget to check out Felicia’s blog and look her up on Instagram and Facebook:



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