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Meet Anya Carion

If you’ve ever spent more than a week travelling, you’ll know that it rarely goes to plan.  It is often unpredictable, unplanned and unexpected, which is half the excitement. Travel Blogger, Anya Carion spends her time sharing these kinds of daily experiences on her blog, “ The Unexpected Occurrence. “.

Not only has she swum with sharks, been to Mount Everest base camp, hiked through Cinque Terra and experienced sunrise over Angkor Wat, she is also only 19 years of age and has only just begun.

Having spent most of her life travelling so far, we are not at all surprised with her decision to start a blog and share her stories with a wider audience.  We had the chance to chat with her, and as we do with all our interview’s, we wanted to find out what she loves most about travel and a bit more about her adventures so far.


Meet Anya Carion

“Hi, friends! I’m Anya, a nineteen year old American living in Singapore. My blog is called Unexpected Occurrence, named after all of the mishaps and adventures I have while travelling. I love trekking in the Himalayas, eating weird food when abroad, letting serendipity be my guide, and being a part-time nomad.”


Are you a solo traveller/ business traveller/ luxury traveller/ backpacker or couple travel? Why?

I do all kinds of travel! I’ll never turn down an opportunity to explore new places, so I’ll join friends and family if they ever want to travel, but at heart, I’m a solo-travel kind of gal! I prefer it because I can stretch that student budget, be uninhibited to grow and learn


Why did you start travelling? What made you fall in love with it?

I’ve been lucky to have travelled for most of my life! My mum used to work for the airlines, so when I was younger, we would use her benefits to fly during every, and I mean every, break. I started to fall in love with it when my parents pulled my sister and I out of school to backpack and climbed throughout Southeast Asia. It was my first time exploring developing countries, and I loved seeing the differences in the world. I fell in love with tuk-tuks then, a love that still hasn’t dissipated!


What is your favourite place you have visited?

Hands down, my favourite place in the world is Nepal. It’s the most vibrant, wholesome, beautiful country. I call it my heart home. There’s just something about it that I feel so deeply rooted to.


If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?

I have been dying to get to Central Asia! Something about it is just calling me! I’d love to trek in the mountains in Kyrgyzstan, camp out by The Door to Hell in Turkmenistan, and stay with locals in yurts. I’m also dying to try kumis, the slightly alcoholic fermented mare’s milk. I’m really afraid of the taste, but it’s on the bucket list for sure.

Tell us about the most interesting person you have met while travelling

When I was trekking, I met a fellow 19-year-old who had stranded himself on an uninhabited island with a beach ball  (just like the Castaway Volleyball, Wilson) and a camera to document the effects of insanity. He’s also been into the deep dark jungle of the Amazon, where he ended up staying with a Shaman. He’s honestly one of the coolest people I’ve ever met.

Where in the world are you now and where is next?

I’m currently interning in Pokhara, Nepal, and I’ll be heading over to China to practice my Mandarin next! After that, I’m going to be starting university in Scotland!

Wow! Who else is feeling like their life has been kinda average compared?

If you want to hear more about Anya’s adventures, connect with her yourself or follow along with her move to Scotland, check out the social links below

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1 comment on “Meet Anya Carion

  1. Laura Duplantis

    She truly is a remarkable young lady. I met Anya through her mother (who, btw is an extraordinary woman herself) while living in Singapore . I think she’s wise beyond her years.

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