There are 101 reasons to travel the world, and for many, setting off to explore the unknown can lead to more than just self discovery. For travel couple, Emma and Yannick, a trip to Thailand lead them to the initial page of their exciting love story on the road.

With the back drop of tropical Thailand, Emma and Yannick say they fell in love almost instantly. Yannick, being the spontaneous type, cancelled his flights off the island and decided to stay to get to know this mystery lady.

Over two years on, and the couple are calling the world their home, having traveled more than 25 countries in that short time together. The pair now run their travel blog, LuxuryBackpacking, from their (temporary) home in Sydney, sharing their exciting stories with over 65k viewers.

If the prospect of finding true love isn’t enough to pack your bags and set off, wait until you read about the places they’ve been so far. Honestly, the list is never ending!

LuxuryBackpacking is honest, interesting and most importantly,an extremely helpful tool for travellers. Despite the fact the pair have only been blogging for a short period of time, they have managed to create an enormous amount of useful content for their readers.  We were lucky enough to chat with Emma and ask her a few questions about her life on the road and journey as a Travel Blogger.



Introducing Emma Lomas

Hi! I’m Emma, one half of the couples travel blog: LuxuryBackpacking. I’m originally from England, however I’m currently study at University in Sydney, but I love to call the world my home! Being only 20 years old I’ve travelled to 45 countries with no plans to stop. Our blog, LuxuryBackpacking is exactly how it sounds, we love to help people travel the world for less. Over the years both my partner and I, have gained insider knowledge and experience on how to travel hack and travel the world for less. We love, and go by the quote: ‘Not all those who travel are rich’.



 Are you a solo traveller/ business traveller/ luxury traveller or backpacker? 

I’m a mix of quite a few of those. I definitely travel as a couple with my partner, Yannick (Unless it’s a girls holiday!). However, we do travel in a fair bit of luxury when we find great deals, but we do this on a backpackers budget, by using points, error fares, travelling in low season etc. We also love travelling as backpackers on a budget and staying in hostels is a lot of fun, even when you’re a couple, so we love to do both!


How long have you been blogging for and What blogging platform do you use?

We actually haven’t been blogging for very long at all. We started with Instagram around a year and a half ago, and it took off quite literally! We gained over 50,000 followers in under a year! We couldn’t really believe it! We then thought of starting a travel blog back in July. However, it wasn’t until October until it all seemed to come together and our travel blog, luxurybackpacking was live. The past few months of blogging have been a world wind adventure, countless all-nighters, tears and joy! But I love it so much, as helping people travel for less is such a rewarding thing!

We use WordPress as our blogging platform which at first was very confusing, and I nearly gave up. However, I’m so glad I stuck to it, as WordPress is awesome and definitely the best blogging platform out there.


What is your favourite place you have visited?

I can’t pick only one! So, that would either have to be the safari experience in South Africa. We stayed at the most wonderful lodge called Klaserie Sands River Camp, and the exclusivity, friendliness of the staff and the overall experience was just out of this world. However, flying to Lord Howe Island off the coast of Australia is an experience I’ll never forget, I’ve never seen a place with such crystal blue sea, and I’ve been to the Maldives and Seychelles!


If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?

Another really tough one! There are so many places in the world I’d love to visit! I’ve even created a massive bucket list. However, if I had to choose one place it would probably be Iceland. I’ve heard such magical things from other bloggers and friends. The Northern Lights, the complete wilderness, the thermal springs and baths, it just sounds so beautiful!



What piece of advice would you give to a new travel blogger?

Don’t be afraid to go on your own. We’ve heard all sorts of things, will I meet people, will I like it, will I be safe, will I have fun…? Yes you will! Even more so, when you go on your own. Because you’re not going to worry about what people think of you, you can do what you want, you’re free and no one is going to stop you. All solo travellers (and that’s what most people are) will be in the exact same situation as you, so everyone is trying to make the best out of it. That’s why it always ends up being a ton of fun with people you’ve never met until two hours ago. All you have to do is stay in a hostel dorm, that’s the important thing to meet people. Have a look at the best hostels for your intended place on Hostelworld and off you go. You won’t regret it!


 What is the longest single journey you have taken?

We’ve been on a lot of super long journeys. However, in December 2016 we travelled to 5 continents in under a week! Yes crazy I know! We started in Sydney, flew to Melbourne, then up to Abu Dhabi (15 hour flight), down to Johannesburg (9 hour flight) had a few nights there, back up to Abu Dhabi (9 hours), straight onto New York (15 hours), a few nights there, Oslo (7 hour flight) and back to London! So all in all we were in the air for around 57 hours!!! You might think we’re crazy, but it was cheaper than flying direct from Sydney to London! We also go upgraded to business twice as we are platinum members of Etihad, which I guess made the long journeys a little better!


Want to know more? You can find Emma at the below social links 




4 comments on “Meet Emma Lomas

  1. This is so awesome, I love posts like these where we get to meet a guest appearance! I was truly stunned by the 5 continents within a week. WOW! Goals right there! Nice meeting you Emma!

    xo, JJ

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    • I know right! How did she manage that!! So amazing! I love writing these kinds of posts and being able to connect with other travellers! It’s always inspiring to hear about another persons journey! Thanks for reading x

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  2. Great post Louise – thanks for sharing

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