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Day 15-21: Bali Update and Our Day Trip in Darwin 

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Bali, Bali, Bali….

I’m just going to be honest, we had a really shitty day on Sunday. Despite our constant pretty Bali photos, it’s actually been pretty miserable weather with storms every day. Even though it only rains for a couple of hours, it started to really dampen our time (literally and figuratively). Sunday wasn’t great. We woke up in a bad mood and stayed that way for most of the day. We did, however, enjoy a delicious breakfast at Crate Cafe and explored a little bit of Canggu, but apart from that, the day felt rather dull. Whinge Whinge. On a positive note, Canggu is awesome.

Luckily, we woke up in better spirits the following day. We decided to be proactive about it and book a day tour, even if it was raining. After devouring blue berry pancakes, a coffee and fresh juice, we left on our day tour to Tenah Lot Temple and the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces.  We paid Katut (yes, that was his name) $60 Aud for the entire day. Bali goers, before you tell us we got ripped off, we decided this was more than fair at $30.00 per person for 8 hours of driving.   The Jatiluwih rice fields are much bigger than the fields in Ubud with less tourists and shops. They’re protected by the Indonesian Government and more beautiful because of this.  Just see for yourself….


Tenah Lot Temple
Butterfly Park


Jatiluwih Rice Terraces


On Tuesday, we ate at the revolver cafe, explored the flea markets and headed back to our villa for a swim and to get a start on our bottle of Vodka that we forgot we had. Yes, we had vodka after breakfast… .

During our day trip, Ketut recommended a few places to visit for sunset. One of the places that caught our interest was a restaurant called La Laguna, positioned on Canggu beach. We jumped in a “blue bird taxi” and headed to La Laguna for dinner and were very, very impressed. I highly recommend this place for anyone visiting Bali. La Laguna is another place in Bali that has similar prices as Australia but the value for cost is sensational and when would you ever sit in a bohemian themed restaurant on the beach?



We flew home Thursday morning, local time of 1am. This meant we had a full day in Bali on the Wednesday before heading to the airport. FINALLY A SUNNY DAY!!! Seriously though, Bali really came through just as we were starting to feel like it totally sucked. No better way to spend a sunny Bali day than lounging around by the pool at Finns Beach Club.  In order to get a pool chair, there is a minimum spend of $35.00 AUD per person and $50.00 per person for the 4ppl beach bed. We went for the pool chair and slowly made our way through the bar tab by sticking to bintang buckets (and one cheeky cocktail).


We landed in Darwin on Thursday morning at 5am local time. After picking up our hire car and trying not to fall asleep on the way to our hotel, we decided to go for a wander around the CBD. I am not going to say much about Darwin because I do not have much to say . I will say, I was happy to get on the plane back to Brisbane….

To be fair, we were operating on two hours of scattered sleep and restricted to a silly 100km on our hire car, so you could say we were extremely under prepared. I am determined to give Darwin another go and head South to the National Parks.
What do you think of Darwin?  Please leave your suggestions in the comment box below…
Anyway, here is a picture of the Croc we saw… that was kind of cool…..

Until next week xoxo


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  1. Awesome! Have to share with a friend

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  2. Congrats on 1000 followers!!!! So good #goals. Bali looks like everything I imagined and much much more. What an incredible looking trip!!

    xo, JJ

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