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Day 8-14: Our New House, Brisbane and a Well Deserved Trip to Bali

Welcome back to my weekly ramblings section of the blog.I decided to sneak this section in on the blog to keep family up to date with my life, especially now that I have moved away from Sydney. 

 This week has been another crazy ride, entailing a  spontaneous 24 hours in Brisbane, the news of our rental application being approved and a “well deserved” week in Bali ( tongue in cheek, considering my last day of work was December 16th, I am thinking Bali may be more of a luxury than a well deserved “break”) 

We started the week with a phone call from the real estate informing us that our one and only application had been accepted- yes!!! We will be moving into our new place early Feb and are ecstatic with the upgrade! Seriously- no more mould and soaking carpet stories. ( I can’t wait to show you around) The house is spacious with floor boards, a backyard, two living rooms and three big bedrooms. A little excessive? I think so too, but ” you only live once”. 

To celebrate, we decided to head to Brisbane a day early and treat ourself to a hotel stay (not sponsored this time- ). The Oaks 212 had overbooked (what a Duffa) so we had been moved to another serviced apartment at the I-stay. I’m not sure if you could call this a downgrade or upgrade, but we were not super thrilled with the change in hotel as it meant a smaller pool and large case of curiosity. What was the oaks like? We’ll never know…. 

On the 11th, we flew out to Bali. Being an over prepared couple of donkey heads, we arrived at the airport over 4 hours early. This gave us time to catch up on some “life admin” and get a head start on our Bali activity planning. Still open to recommendations, you can leave them in the comment section below. 


We arrived in Bali at approximately 9pm local time. Excitedly, we rushed through the customs lines and made a B line for the exit. As you approach the exit, hundreds (slight exxagwration) of people approach you, offering you a “taxi”. We were pretty keen to get to our hotel so happily went with the first guy we saw. 

Our first three nights were spent at the Pelangi Spa and Hotel. We choose this hotel because it was rediculoialy cheap, right on the beach and on a street full of bars, restaurants and shops (review to come). 

Jay and I are creatures of habit so we started each day the same,  with a walk along Seminyak beach, breakfast at Cafe Organic and a wander of the Seminyak markets. 

On our first day in Bali we headed straight to Potato Head Beach Club for drinks and a swim. Potato Head is a popular place for Australians and attracts a pretty big crowd all day long. Thankfully the morning was a little quieter than our last visit. 

Looks amazing, hey? 

The pricing is pretty reasonable at 500K rupiah for 5 hours on the day bed,  plus that becomes your bar tab. $25.00 Australian dollars (each) for two people.The drinks are similar to Australian prices but the atmosphere makes up for the cost.  

Note: if you’re looking for cheap bingtangs this may not be for you! 

Our days were spent laying by the pool, eating $4.00 traditional Indonesian meals and shopping for homewares ( well I shopped for home decor. Jay shopped for himself) We decided to dedicated these three days to doing absolutely nothing, getting straight into holiday mode.  

I loved staying across the beach, especially during those golden hours leading up to sunset. Seminyak beach is lined with bean bags, colourful umberellas and mini tables. It quickly became our “happy hour spot” spending the sunset period drinking cocktails as the sun went down. We made friends with the local working at restaurants and returned each day to see them, have a chat and enjoy delicious local food. 

On the 14th (today) we moved to our new accommodation, even closer to Seminyak centre.  It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!  Seriously, who knew we had missing out on the Bali Villa experience until now. I don’t think I could go back. For the next four days we will be at the Light Villas and Spa ……….

But you’ll have to wait to next weeks post….. 

Until next time. Xoxo 


3 comments on “Day 8-14: Our New House, Brisbane and a Well Deserved Trip to Bali

  1. Enjoy! Bali is one of my favorite places! It is so far from the US that it is unlikely we will ever return, but it is fun to travel there virtually through your article!

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  2. Perfect, I hope you have a nice break!

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  3. Sounds idyllic πŸ™‚ also, I’m fully in love with your dress in the last photo, it’s perfect.


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