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Day 1-7: Exploring The Sunshine Coast & Our Trip to Movie World

Our first week of 2017 has been dedicated to house hunting, exploring the many areas of the Sunshine Coast and relaxing on Noosa beach. 

We instantly fell in love with Noosa, as I have done every time I visit. Hastings Streets has a variety of fine dining, copious cute cafes, gourmet burger bars, options of every cuisine and shopping for all the generations. 

The beach leads onto a wooden track that wraps around the coast of the National Park, with beautiful coves and swimming spots along the way.  Little Cove is my favourite. 

DAY 1: We decided to stick to the “free holiday bus”, leaving our car at home and allowing us the freedom to stay as long as we want without the worry of parking. Our afternoon begun with  cocktails and a snack  at the Board Walk Bistro, right on Noosa Heads beach. Noosa has become a luxury holiday spot for many Australians and is known as the “hamptons” of Queensland. I watched on as ladies dressed in Camilla sip on verve in the window of the restaurant. The perfect place for a girls long lunch. 

Noosa Surf Club offered the same water front views with a more relaxed atmosphere. We liked it there. It was a bit of a fight to find a table but once we were seated we were able to relax and take in the view. 

6pm hit and we both were getting hungry. We decided to head across the road and try out Laguna Jacks Steak House. Jay ordered the Lagana Jacks burger and I opted for the Thai Salad- AMAZING! I highly recommend this place to any one visiting Noosa and is looking for a good quality meal at a reasonable price. P.s happy hour = $10.00 cocktails, convinced yet? 

DAY 2: The next day we decided to return to the mesmerizing Hastings Street and try out a few more cafe’s and bars. When we arrived, we walked around to the Little Cove beach, beside the Nossa National Park. It was so  perfect. With every step, Jay and I were lured into taking another photo of the tropical coloured ocean.

We cooled off with a delicious apple cider at the Rococo bar and restaurant. It reminded me Europe- apart from the fact it was full of coloured umbrellas and faced the ocean, the outward facing cafe tables took me back to our time on the Amalfi Coast and first date in Paris.

On the 4th, we woke up feeling like a mini adventure. We decided to get my little sister a yearly pass to the Gold Coast theme parks and surprise her by taking her to Warner Brothers Movie World. She was ecstatic! After a 2.5hour drive, we arrived at the theme park and decided to take on our first ride. I am not going to lie, it was not the most enjoyable experience. It was fun but the rides took approximately 45-90 minutes wait for a 2-3 minute rush of adreniline. This is not to say it wasn’t worth it, we were just caught off gaurd after spending all that time in the car.

Wewill be better prepared next time. 


Day 6:
Having spent a few days exploring the Noosa Heads region, we decided it was time to check out the surrounding areas. Gympie Terrace runs parallel to the river and is also full of delicious food options.We stopped in at the mexican joint for yet again ANOTHER burger at Boardertown Cocktails and Cantina


As you can see, we have basically eaten our way through the week. It has also been broken up by a multitude of house inspections, sitting around the pool at Grandma’s house and many vistits to the noosaville library for application submissions.    

Do we have a house? We will find out next week! 

via www.bordertownnoosa.com.au/

6 comments on “Day 1-7: Exploring The Sunshine Coast & Our Trip to Movie World

  1. Nice pictures! I really liked Noosa when I was there. Have you been on a canoe trip through to get to the Cooloola sandpatch before? That was one of my highlights of the whole trip and we accessed it from Noosa.

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  2. What a beautiful location!!! I didn’t know WB had an amusement park? Wait lines are to absolute worst, it almost makes it not worth it. But at least the rest of your trip went well!!

    xo, JJ

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  3. Don’t blame you for falling in love with Noosa. I was there 2 years ago and still have the photo as my background on my phone!

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