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Travel Diary: Moving States and Saying Goodbye to Sydney

My day started as any other day. The morning light woke me up well before my alarm and the sound of the next door neighbours leaf blower confirmed my dislike for a person I’ve never met.

I stretched out across the bed and found myself wondering why we have never removed the glow in the dark stickers that are scattered across our roof. I started to wonder about a lot of things, like whether the new tenants would care about the discoloured walls.

Our apartment was empty and reeked of bleach. We had spent the entire week scrubbing every inch of our home and attempting to squash our life’s belongings into our small Toyota. It was done. 

All that was left to do was remove our unwanted furniture items, Simon the Handy Man took care of that. He was a real life Scottish Hulk! Seriously- He punched our enormous book shelf and with one swift movement the entire thing dismantled. Legend. 

Feeling slightly nostalgic, I glanced back into my living room for one last time, took a quick photo to make the memory last and listened to the door slam shut behind me….(it always bloody slammed)

Goodbye, little Sydney apartment. 

It’s been an odd experience. I wouldn’t say I was feeling any real “big” emotion. Life was occurring, as usual, and I was rolling with it. I knew I would be seeing my friends often so it didn’t feel like a proper goodbye.

The only heart break was watching the look no my 90 year old nans face, holding back tears as she waved goodbye from the doorstep.

To me, this past year has been all about my nan. When I find myself wishing that I had stayed in London for a year longer, I remind myself how much I will treasure the past year and how glad I am that I was there to help her during the toughest days.  In April, she was told she would never be able to return home. Well, she beat those odds and is now back living independently. She’s a super star- really.

Despite all the sadness  surrounding leaving, I can’t help but smile. Our life awaits us. 

Here’s to new beginnings!! 

Goodbye Sydney! Until next time x


3 comments on “Travel Diary: Moving States and Saying Goodbye to Sydney

  1. Oh wow, Sydney looks amazingly beautiful. I’ve always wanted to visit for the sheer fact that I hear their beaches are gorgeous. And me being a total beach bum- I think that’s where I need to be. BTW, Love the sunglasses, I love mirrored shades!!

    xo, JJ

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  2. That looks like one hell of a beginning!

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