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NEWS JUST IN: I am totally going back to London…. like really soon

I have always been very proud of where I come from and a true believe that there was no one place that could possibly fill the shoes of my home town by the beach. Sydney, Australia is pretty darn spectacular and I have grown up spoilt having the culture hub of Aus being my home. I was the “no place like home” girl and everyone I met along the way knew about it.

Until l I met London

Realistically, London is a bit of a over populated, miserably wet  and really not that appealing… It rains all the time and is endlessly busy. Yet, despite this reality, it has charisma. While living in London, I refused to call it home. I hated the coffee, dreaded the tube rides and found some areas frightfully scary but I missed it when I was gone and always couldn’t wait to get back.  During my time living there, it won me over- big time!

I’m smiling ear to ear as I write this, thinking about the cold wet mornings that I would spend walking in the pitch black (despite the fact it was 8am) down to the tube, only to have to take off my 92 layers so that I didn’t loose my entire weight in sweat. We lived a life that only London dwellers would ever understand and gained insight into some of the worlds best personal jokes (#cockforsters).

London was up beat, exciting and always a new experience. I adored my time in London and was equally sad and pleased to be leaving it.

As soon as I fell back into the ‘normal’ Sydney life, I started to really miss my home away from home and found myself wishing it wasn’t so far away. In Feb of 2016, life was good to me and I was able to  return for a very short pitt stop before heading to work in Switzerland.  I was exceptionally grateful for that opportunity and came back convincing Jay that we had to get back to London again… ASAP.  I totally did and he was totally on board but life happened, and with time (i’m talking 5 months max) we decided to say goodbye to a life of travel and focus on our future together.

Well… life has a funny way of saying “yeah good one, Louise” because just as we had finished off sharing our very minimal travel plans (here), I received an email inviting me BACK to London for another work trip. All expenses paid for, return flights + my weekly (very generous) pay check. I won’t lie, I have been bouncing around all day and am most likely getting WAY ahead of myself by sharing this with you now but what the heck- I like to share.

IF all goes ahead (update: it has), I will be leaving for London early Feb 2017 (De Ja Vu), jumping on another flight to Switzerland and this time, leaving room for more travel.  I am counting my lucky stars for the connections I made while living in London because this ongoing “I’ll fly you back to work” scenario is really shaping up to be a dream come true. ( If you happen to be reading this- Thank you!! )

Until next time,

X Louise


11 comments on “NEWS JUST IN: I am totally going back to London…. like really soon

  1. Sounds like you really want it therefore, it yours already! Muah!

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  2. Oh I understand how you feel about London.. I’m looking forward to heading back to the city in Feb too ☺

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  4. ohhh take me with you! 🙂 traveling for work is great for the fact that its all expense paid, totally makes it worth while!!!

    xo, JJ

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  5. I totally understand what you mean about London. I completely fell in love with the city, and really England in general. It was like I had my Bill Bryson moment. London may have it’s failings but it made me feel like it was where I belonged. I’m hoping to come back someday and stay a while.

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  6. Yeah wait until Feb, that time spring will be just around the corner 🙂 So far we just have a drizzle 😉


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  9. London is amazing! I’m glad you liked it!! 😀

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