Soon I will be living in a Balinese Villa for the rest of my days….

If you haven’t already heard the news, which would be 99.9% of you (that’s assuming at least 1% of my readers is someone I know)          we        are      moving!

This time last year, we left our humble little unit in London and relocated back to Sydney. Jay left his family and friends (once again- I am forever thankful for his sacrifices) to join me in my home town on the Northern Beaches. This was not our original plan and at the time, presented itself as an enormous ‘fork in the road’. The move came down to convenience and job availability. Although Jay was quick to fall in love with our life in Sydney, we both knew it was always a temporary plan.

As we reached the middle of 2016, we knew it was time to start discussing our next step. We threw around ideas and considered the possibilities of Melbourne, Adelaide, London (again) or Queensland. I, of course, also threw out the idea of nannying in Dubai, teaching english in Hong Kong or just travelling forever. We decided that being by a beach was a necessity,  we didn’t want to go back to  small unit and good weather was also a plus. We wanted enough room to accommodate for visitors and to be in a location we could see ourselves ‘settling’.

No my friends, we did not decide to move to Bali. I am sorry if my title confused you and that you have read this far on false pretences. You’ll soon know why I mentioned a Bali Villa, but for now, I shall regress. After much discussing and google search, we decided on the state that’s always sunny- Queensland!.  With family and friends scattered all across the east coast of Queensland, we focused on an area that was close enough to both but also presented as our own slice of paradise and sanctuary.

Camino madera:
my scandinavian home blog

Being Queensland, the real estate prices are much lower than what we are paying in Sydney. We soon discovered we could afford a 3-4 bedroom house for the price we were paying for our old and run down unit. Yes, I know “the wages are also lower”, but it doesn’t come into play when you’re planning on working for yourself and are happy earning what you need to get by (this is us).

Ecstatic about the prospects of a larger home, my mind began to wander and I instantly jumped on the ‘lets plan everything’ bandwagon. Being utterly addicted to the Indonesian lifestyle and culture, it is no surprise that I am planning on turning our next home into our very own Balinese (house sized) villa. And there you have it, the reasoning behind my title.  I have spent the past three days scrolling the internet for inspiration, shopping around online and creating the perfect list of ‘must get for our new place’.

So, What’s important on my list?  I’m so glad you asked. When dreaming up my Balinese villa there are a few essentials with every interpretation of the style. White, wood and greenery. As long as my home is full of natural light, woods and plants- i’m going to be a happy gal. In addition to these three things, I can’t get this brown leather couch off my mind. I saw it in a magazine, paired with a deep red persian rug and copious amounts of pot plants surrounding.  I am 100% going to take on the bohemian meets indonesian theme to deck out my new abode.


Alas, some photos that have been inspiring me.



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Exotic meets boho in a Bali pool villa | my scandinavian home | Bloglovin’:
my scandinavian home: Exotic meets boho in a Bali pool villa:

simple space:
haveli house - byron bay | the design villa 2:

Outdoor baths are such a luxury, and teemed with rustic surfaces it creates that exotic feel we all crave!:

Hammock in the pool that's what I'm talking about:

A girl can dream- right? . What’s your ideal home? xx


4 comments on “Soon I will be living in a Balinese Villa for the rest of my days….

  1. Lovely post Louise – I’m soon about to move into our newly constructed unit in Manly by the beach – it’s going to be small but is certainly in my dream location only footsteps from the beach! ☀️

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    • LOVE MANLY. Perfect spot. We use to live in North Manly, which was ideal! We are now in Dee Why. So close! Thank you for taking the time to read and leave a comment x


  2. I can’t wait for the finished house! It sure is looking great!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. this looks so beautiful….. a wise decision….

    Liked by 1 person

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