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Exploring Port Stephens: Mount Tomaree, Zenith Beach & One Mile Sunsets

nswLast weekend, Jay and I set off to Port Stephens, 2.5hours north of Sydney. It’s safe to say we made the most of our one (full) day in the area, fitting in as much as we could in a 24hour period.  In the morning, we spent time exploring Shoal & Fingal Bay before heading up the Summit of Mount Tomaree.

We had no intentions of spending our afternoon hiking up to the Summit but when we realised just how beautiful Port Stephens was, we knew we had to see it from above. The waitress at the local pub was able to direct us to the bottom of the Summit and the entrance to the National Park.

I use the word ‘hiking’ very loosely, as the short walk to the Summit was a slow incline, 161m above the Port Stephens entrance. With a few steep sets of stairs, the only thing the track is unfit for is prams!

We made our way to the top of the Summit and were mesmerised by the impeccable views over Zenith Beach.   I felt like I was in Hawaii, despite the fact I have never been to Hawaii. We posed for a cute ‘couples photo’ ( was really not cute #noteveryoneisaphotographer), listened on as a girl enlightened me on how coconut oil mixed with conditioner is a god-sent,  decided I wanted a boat one day and then made our way back down to the bottom.



Zenith Beach

Unless you have been told about it, or saw it for yourself from the summit, Zenith Beach could be easily missed. The moment we reached the Summit, we gazed down at the beautifully secluded beach and made it our mission to get there. It was actually SUPER easy to find. From the car park at the bottom of the Summit track, there is a one way road on an incline, follow this road until you reach a second car park and you’re there (Or use google maps…).

We had the beach all to ourselves


Sunset at One Mile Beach

Now this is where the day really got interesting. We decided to drop the car back to our accommodation, pack the backpack with some drinks and head down to One Mile Beach for sunset. It was 3pm at this stage, so we had a few hours to kill before the sky was going to change colour. We set ourselves up on our beach rug, chucked on some Jack Johnson and begun sipping on Vodka and OJ!  Once again, we had the beach all to ourselves ( I think Im starting to see why people complain about how busy Sydney is) well, other than these two people in sleeping bags and the occasional dog walker.


The sky changed 100 times before our eyes, as the sun fell behind the sand dunes and time escaped us.  During those final  moments of light, we noticed another couple setting up camping chairs 100 metres up the beach. They appeared to be gathering sticks for a bonfire, which quickly made us envious and desperate to create a fire of our own.  One way or another, we ended up chatting with this couple in passing and were invited to join them.

We did, of course.

The couple were Irish and also living in Sydney. We quickly went from small talk to joining them in their hotel spa and chatting away like long lost friends.

In the morning, Jay and I laughed at the fact that we never exchanged names and all seemed happy not knowing.  We left One Mile Beach with a lot of funny memories, some faint ones and a camera full of awesome videos (stay tuned).


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  1. Beautiful photos lovely. I’m so happy to have stumbled on your blog. Check mine out when you have the chance. xx

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