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Exploring Port Stephens: Shoal & Fingal Bay

Last week, Jay and I decided to escape Sydney for a weekend and head north for three days. Our original plan was to sleep in the car and drive for as far as we could, each day exploring a new area. I have to admit, I am not always a realist and seem to come up with exciting plans, without thinking them through. Jay is more of a practical minded fellow and was quick to point out the negatives of having no shower, no bed and no real plan.

I wasn’t stoked about booking accommodation (totally takes away from the adventure feel i was going for) but I gave in and agreed that a daily shower would be nice.
We found very affordable and cosy accommodation, tucked away in the bush by One Mile Beach, Port Stephens. The Oasis gave off a very secluded and relaxing vibe, surrounded by nature and located somewhat ‘off the beaten track’ (review to come).  It wasn’t luxury, but it was enormous ( we actually had 6 beds… which is hilarious) and it defined relaxation.

Image via Trip advisor (unknown source)

We spent our first day exploring our surroundings (briefly), grocery shopping and lounging around in our cabin..aka tin shed.. aka two story bungalow thing.  We found ourselves in hysterics that we were settled on the couch with a drink in our hand, watching The Great Australian Spelling Bee.. like seriously? are we retired?..

We laughed at ourselves again, turned the TV off and tried to start drinking our drinks quicker, you know, to prove we were still cool.  After a few dance competitions and drunken chats, we called it a night and promised ourselves we would have more fun the following day.

The next morning, we woke up to a visitor at our front door. Despite being Australian, I am always just as excited as anyone else when there is Australian wildlife around. At first, I almost sh*^t myself, opening the door to find a Kangaroo standing before me. I was quick to close the screen door and became fond of him, from a distance. My excitement kicked in moments later when I realised I have seen a hand full of Kangaroo’s in my lifetime and now, one was standing right in front of me.  #straya


First thing first, where in Port Stephens should we go for coffee??  We jumped in the car and drove towards Nelson’s Bay (11minute drive from One Mile Beach). We found the perfect little spot by the marina to drink our morning coffee and plan the rest of our day (and use social media quickly).

Shoal Bay

Shoal Bay is known as the most eastern part of Port Stephens and is the entry point to Mount Tomaree, Zenith Beach and the Tomaree National Park. For reasons that I can not remember, last time I visited Shoal Bay, It won itself the name ‘The Shoal Bay Shithole’ (clearly you can’t trust 11year old me). The coastal town quickly changed my mind and I promptly jumped on the ‘ this is amazing’ bandwagon!  Just look at the view-


We couldn’t resist checking out the local pub, positioned a stone throw away from the waters edge.  The perfect Sunday lunch spot, providing a decent sized meal, cold drinks (derr) and an acoustic set.  I would love to tell you the name but I didn’t take note. You’ll find it, don’t worry.

Fingal Bay

When you type Port Stephens into google, you’re going to see a picture of Fingle Bay. Infact, during my “research” of the area, the big draw in to our visit was the images I saw of Fingal Bay (and Zenith beach). We couldn’t recreate these images because we are not (yet) proud owners of a drone but the picture we did get were pretty darrrrrn beautiful!


If only the photos came close to what it was like to experience it first hand. The picturesque background of Mount Tomaree,  aqua blue seas and squeaky white(ish) sand, it really was our own slice of heaven. We spent some time watching this family enjoy riding around in some form of buggy as the wind caught onto their kite, I collected shells and Jay did what he does best….Jay took photos! After a long walk back to the car, we decided to drive back to Shoal Bay and check out the Tomaree National Park.




To prevent this turning into the longest blog post, I’m going to split our day into two and share the rest of our experiences in a sequel post.  

x Louise


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    wow!! This post makes me wanna leave for a vacation immediately!! Plus the pictures are great! 🙂

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