It is always a delight, being able to chat with some of my favourite travel bloggers and find out how they begun their journey in the blogging world.

This week, we had the privilege of getting to know Kayla, inspiring blogger from Kelena by Kayla.   Based on the Central Coast in NSW, Kayla has managed to establish a loyal following within a very short amount of time, thanks to her humble nature and personal style of writing.

Kayla’s post are motivating, informative and full of beautiful photography from around the world. Her work radiates her message of being a ‘wanderer’ and inspires others to do the same.

Introducing Kayla Manoe…


“Kelana by Kayla is the ultimate digital creative space. A Travel, Beauty and Lifestyle blog reflecting our wanderer philosophy”


How long have you been blogging at Kelana by Kayla and what inspired you to begin your blog?

I started Kelana by Kayla about a year ago- ( i really should have celebrated!!) I have always loved blogging, I previously had a lifestyle blog that went in tow with my ecommerce store. When that venture ended I took my love for blogging and my passion for travel and combined them into the wanderlust of Kelana by Kayla! I use this space as my creative outlet, in hope to inspire a life of not just travel but wanderlust and adventure. To live everyday with purpose, clarity and an open mind!

What is your favourite type of travel and why?

I love all types. I have been lucky to experience it all, there is something special travelling with friends and family, and I feel you grow as a couple when you travel with your loved one. But what I’ve realised is this- I am the best me when I travel ALONE. I experience the most when I am wandering aimlessly without an itinerary. I say yes more, I engage with more people and in turn am never really alone. I get more involved with the culture and locals. I’m happiest when I’m living outside my comfort zone, travel has enriched my life by allowing me to roam freely and bask in the natural beauty that each amazing country has to offer. It has taught me how capable I am, how lucky I am, to be fiercely open-minded and above all to be happy, happy in the moment that is right there in front of you. Travelling with my partner comes to a close 2nd though!

I recently wrote an entire post on why you should travel solo! You can view it here ( link to here

What is in your travel bag? 

After many trips and experiences you really do learn the master of packing and figuring out the essentials! I have dozen things I never travel without which include things like ziplock bags, portable charger, adapter and my Citi Bank Card (no atm or international fees) but my main things are my cameras! I always travel with my go pro and iphone and previously I traveled with my Sony DSLR but I recently got my new baby a Lumis G7! It is a glorious device and super light weight!


If you could give one piece of advice to someone who has just started blogging, what would it be? 

Cliche but ‘just start’, then once you have taken that leap there will be days when you will be overwhelmed. You play the compare game. It will all be too hard and you feel like you barely have scratched the surface.

“Don’t give up. Stay focused. If the vision is strong enough it will shine through on those hard days”- Kayla

 Tell us about one way travel has changed you as a person.

Travel is damn empowering!It makes you feel like you can do anything. You not only have dozen new skills up your sleeve you now also have a shift in attitude, one that allows you to believe in your own power and abilities! Venturing out of your comfort zone renews your spirit in the most positive way. It changes your energy, your perspective of the world, the way you view others and the way you view yourself. You become a more fearless, more confident and more comfortable in your own skin! That’s what i call living!


Is blogging your full time job?

Blogging on Kelana by Kayla is not my full time job. I do a lot of different freelance work for other start ups including another travel site…

It is the dream though, it is the dream 🙂

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Connect with Kayla
Youtube: Kalanabykayla
Instagram: @kelanabykayla




10 comments on “Meet Kayla Manoe

  1. It was a wonderful read! Really enjoyed reading about her journey so far..thank you for introducing us to Kayla ^_^

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  2. Awww, she is darling! Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to look more into her travels.

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  3. I love these features!

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  4. Louise you beautiful soul, thank you for this gorgeous write up! It was great chatting to you and sharing our passions! xx

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  5. Paula McInerney

    We had the pleasure of traveling with Kayla in Indonesia on a Media Fam trip. Kayla is one of the kindest and most generous, not to mention just damn gorgeous, that we had the pleasure of meeting. She will go far

    Liked by 1 person

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