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NSW: Breakfast at Caves Beach

This weekend, Jay and I decided to head away for the weekend and spend a little time exploring more of NSW. Despite travelling north several times, I realised that there was very little I knew about the distance between Sydney and Forster.  This is where instagram comes in handy, thanks to my online “friendships” with other travellers, I was able to take on some of their ‘top tips’ and pencil in a few stops.

Amongst the many recommendations, I was encouraged to make a stop at CAVES BEACH, located on the Swansea peninsula, near Lake Macquarie.  We woke up early on Saturday morning, threw our belongings in the car and set off for our first stop of the day.

Caves beach is approximately 1.5 hours drive from where we live in Sydney and 40 minutes north of the Central Coast.  We arrived at 8:30am, after a must needed stop for coffee and a few confusing wrong turns.  I was exceptionally excited to be greeted by ‘summer like’ weather and a very empty beach.  I had packed us some fruit so that we could attempt to save money (of course, this went out of the window a few hours later) a bowl, a towel and chopping board. On our way out the door, I asked Jay to grab a knife to cut the watermelon, while I got the packet of plastic knifes and forks to eat with.

Jay forgot the knife…..

Plastic did the trick (eventually) and boy did it taste as good as it looked!

After our delicious breakfast, it was time to see what all the fuss was about and explore these ‘caves’.




The cave appeared to be a popular spot for families with young ones. During the time we were there, several families came, checked out the cave, had a swim, and left.  We spent a little while photographing our surroundings before heading out onto the beach for some silliness (aka handstands).  Once again, Jay had his Canon 150D in hand and I was snapping away with my Canon Powershot G12. 












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