Have you ever come across a blog that instantly captures your full attention?

When I found myself on Jessica Lancia’s blog www.traveltobealive.com, I new I had stumbled across something special.  I was immediately drawn in by the beautiful photography (courtesy of her talented boyfriend, Marco) and professional, easy to navigate layout. I found myself clicking around her site for hours, reading article after article, captivated by her style of writing and passion for travel.

Jessica quickly  became an inspiration to me, especially when i found out she had achieved so much, in such a little time. In the 9 months that she has been running her site, she is now reaching over 300,000 unique followers per month and has gained an audience in countries scattered around the world.    I wanted to show case her work and inspire my readers with her journey so far.  Without further ado…

Introducing Jessica Lanica


“What excites me the most of every travel are the breathtaking landscapes and sights, the colorful street markets and the food”

Jessica, a true travel addict and adventures lover, is the travel writer behind “Travel to be Alive”. Together with her boyfriend, Marco, she’s been traveling for the past 9 months through Asia, Oceania and North America. Now, she’s back in Italy where’s she’s slowly discovering and sharing on her blog the beautiful hidden gems she discovers day by day.

1. First things first, why did you start up ‘travel to be alive’?  and how long have you been running it? 

I started Travel to be Alive last March, with the intent to share my tips and experiences with other travelers like me. Travel to be Alive is now a blog rich in travel advice, tips on how to stay on a budget, inspiring pictures and adventures, but first of all tips on reaching hidden gems in every country.


2.The first thing that caught my eye on your blog was the photography. Can you share what camera you typically use and your favourite editing app?

To be honest, the professional images showcased on Travel to be Alive are all my boyfriend Marco’s pictures. He’s a professional landscape and travel photographer and he uses a Canon 5D Mark III. (Marco on  Instagram) Marco uses the editing program ‘lightroom’ for colour correcting. However, he’s willing me to write that it is not about the camera you use, but about the lens.

When i am behind the camera, i use a GoPro Silver Hero 4 and a Nikon D3100. I often use Lightroom and I sometimes use the free version of PicMonkey.



3. What has been your biggest challenge establishing your blog? 

It’s very hard to engage with people. Having returning readers and followers who care about your work and your experiences is not an easy task at all. I think this is the biggest challenge for me, to find the proper audience who cares about what you’re saying.


4. Tell us about your last adventure. Where did you go and what inspired you to go there?

Our last adventure has been a beautiful and crazy one. We’ve realized our biggest dream and traveled around the world. For 9 months! We visited China, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand and USA and made some wonderful memories on the way. We’ve chosen these countries for two main reasons: costs and photography. For example, Thailand and Cambodia were great destinations for people on a budget like us, New Zealand and USA were great for photography while China and Myanmar were both cheap and stunning places for pictures. We chose what attracted us the most and we also took in consideration when it was the best season to travel there.

( View Jessica’s Bucket List here)


5. Who inspires you? Are there particular travel bloggers/account that have inspired you?

I follow some of the bigger travel pages on Facebook and I enjoy anything travel related on Instagram. Matt of NomadicMatt.com and Kiersten of TheBlondeAbroad.com are two bloggers I love for their content, life-style and way of seeing things and talking about them.


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  1. Honored to be featured on CapturedToShare.com and glad to be such a source of inspiration for you 🙂 Loved your words!

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