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SYDNEY: Manly to Shelly Beach

Winter went MIA yesterday and left us with a beautiful summery day by the ocean. Jay and I woke up early (Well, Jay woke up early. I got up at 9) and set off down to Manly for a little photography adventure. We got ourselves a takeaway coffee (my very last one. tear) and decided to walk around to The Bower (half way between Manly and Shelly Beach).

Sadly, our recent storms have ruined the walkway, closed down one of our favourite restaurants and made the picture perfect view, a tiny bit tampered.  You will soon see that it is going to take a little bit more than rough seas to ruin this location in Sydney and it still stands as my favourite spot on the Northern Beaches.

Jay took his Canon 150D and I had my cute powershot Canon G12. It is kind of fun, having our own photo walks, parallel to one another. I end up in all of his photos and he ends up in all of mine.


After having a little fun with the cameras, we went back to Manly for some Sushi train before before meeting up with one of our friends. When she arrived, we all decided to re-do the walk from Manly over to Shelly Beach for a coffee at our FAVOURITE CAFE, The Boat House!

If you’re visiting Sydney, make sure you get a coffee from The Boat House and enjoy a relax at Shelly Beach. It is insanely beautiful, even in winter!!

You may also like to check out a few of our other favourite spots on the Northern Beaches.  
Irrawong Waterfall
Barrenjoey Headland
Northhead Lookout

Happy Sunday!! xx Louise






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  1. Beautiful part of the world! Have you ate in Four Pines in Manly yet? I loved it! Read my short post here:

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