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Why Edinburgh should be on your travel bucket-list

I first visited Scotland’s Capital when i was 16 years old, I don’t remember being over joyed about the city and decided it wasn’t a place i would re-visit… How very, very wrong was 16 year old me.

Eight year later,  my partner and i decided to visit Edinburgh for a weekend away together ( we were living in London at the time). The very moment i arrived, i was completely captivated by the city. Our noses were pressed against the glass the entire bus ride from the Airport to our accommodation. We were bursting to drop off our bags and get our exploring the city.

As it was already late in the afternoon, we didn’t get to see much of the city that evening, other than the hilarious local pub that provided us with hours of entertainment, a decent meal and few cold beverages.

The next day, we woke up early and watched the sun rise over the castle. It was our first glimpse of the OLD TOWN and boy did it make me want to set up camp and never leave. Edinburgh’s medieval ‘ old town’ is one of the most fascinating places i have ever seen. Preserving much of its original street plan, it gives you illusion that you have taken a step back in time.  We met our tour group  on the Royal Mile and set off on a day tour through  Scotland’s Glen Coe, Highlands and Loch Ness. ( A Must!) 

Sunday was our day to explore Edinburgh, experience its rich history and wander through the old and new town.

First of all,  we booked ourselves in to a free walking tour.  This was such a great way to see the city as well as learn about its history along the way. We had booked a tour through one of the big companies, however, when we arrived to the high street we were approached by a man who did smaller group tours and offered to take just the two of us.  Our guide was born and raised in Edinburgh and made our 1.5hour tour of Edinburgh insightful and easy to listen to. He offered us great tips on how to spend the rest of our time in Edinburgh and used the time he had with us effectively.   note: if you do a walking tour, make sure your pay the guide for his time. 

The birth place of harry potter
JK Rollings inspiration: private school
Inspiration for Lord Voldermort

Greyfrairs Bobby
View of Old Town

On every trip, we have a golden rule to get up as high as we can, to view the city from above. Our guide told as that the best view would be from the top of Carlton Hill, so that is exactly where we went.

view from Carlton Hill

view from castle


Edinburgh is unlike any other city i visited while living in The UK. It sparked a sense of pride within my spirit and left me feeling honored to be half Scottish.

Visiting Edinburgh? Feel free to shot us through an email with any questions about your stay.




12 comments on “Why Edinburgh should be on your travel bucket-list

  1. I remember all these places to vividly 🙂 I have two posts written about Edinburgh as well, I miss the place


  2. Free walking tours are the best!

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  3. Beautiful photos and really helpful tips! Thank you 🙂

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  4. I will take your advise no. 2 so should I visit a city will find a way to see it from the highest point. 🙂

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  5. Great pics, we were ther last summer, wish we had known about the free walking tour!


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  7. Edinburgh is the top of my UK bucketlist! I think im going this summer and this post has made me want to go even more! Thanks x

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  8. Wow, I wandered my way here but how glad I am that I did!!!
    I will be shifting to Edinburgh to spend the next 4 years ( at least ) there and it was wonderful to hear such great things about the city from you.
    Thank you for your lovely post. Cheers ^_^

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  9. couldn’t agree more with your article. I love this. 🙂

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