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Travel Diary: The day i was flown Business Class to Switzerland

If you have been following my Travel Diary you may have read about How I became a Notting Hill Nanny  during my time in London.  While this was wonderful, it only lasted four weeks. I decided to find my own place and get a job that was ‘live out’ ( so I could find a healthy balance between work and play ) I became a part time nanny for a beautiful family in Chiswick and spent my weeks split between 3days work: 4days travelling.

After a few months, I decided to pick up the occasional weekend job for those weeks I was not travelling. Fate was on my side because the perfect job became available, nannying one weekend a month for a family in Sloane Square. This is where the novel began.

I was taken on holiday to Paris and spent my week as a one on one carer for their son, it was tiring and challenging but incredibly fun and rewarding. He was 6 and had Autism. With early intervention being one of my strongest passions in life, I was honoured to have it combined with travel. I walked into my Disneyland hotel and couldn’t believe my eyes. My room was immaculate, an entire hotel room to myself, decked out with a king size bed, lounge area, bathroom and dining table.

Shortly after this trip i returned to Australia and bid farewell this high profile life, or so i thought. Within a few months I received an email inviting me back to London. The family wanted me to fly with them to their chalet in the Swiss alps, all expenses paid for on top of a flat rate of a ridiculous amount.  Paid to travel… yes please!

Ontop of Eggli Mountain- Gstaad.

I quickly jumped on board this offer and within days my flights were booked and i everything was arranged.  Post 24 hours on the plane, i arrived back in London and quickly found myself exploring my old neighbourhood, catching up with old friends and riding around on the underground.

After a much needed couple of days of rest, it was time to start work and reunite with my old boss. Experiencing the excitement of the business class lounge, we boarded our BC flight to the swiss alps and enjoyed all the luxuries of  flying business. (i pretended it was no big deal). When we arrived, we were greeted by our driver and escorted up to the beautifully quaint town of Gstaad  ( view Photo diary of Gstaad, Switzerland)

The luxuries didn’t stop when i stepped off the plane, i spent the next 5 days dining in the some of the most immaculate restaurants i have ever seen, eating the most delicious food i have ever tasted and meeting some of the most fascinating people i have ever come across. All this while getting paid.  Yes, it was drastically challenging and both emotionally and physically draining, yet, i wouldn’t trade in the experience for anything else. I only hope i am given the opportunity again.

Perhaps it will be a story for another time.

x Louise



Have you ever flown Business Class? 







3 comments on “Travel Diary: The day i was flown Business Class to Switzerland

  1. Jealous! Id love to fly business class one day

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