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Travel Diary: How i became a Notting Hill Nanny.

I’ve always been told my life could be a novel, and not because wonderful and exciting things had happened. The confusing and dramatic series of events that has made up my life will leave any one baffled as to how i have remained sane.

In 2014, i set off on an epic European adventure in attempt to re-write my novel and turn it into a story of adventure, freedom and self discovery (anyone else thinking about their year 12 english assignment on ‘journeys’).

I made sure i had the choice to stay or return by applying for the UK visa prior to leaving. Looking back, i always knew i would stay but my fear of failure is what kept the option of coming home available. When i arrived in the UK,  i was a little unsure if the glove fit. I woke up early for a run in Hyde Park (oh, la la) and felt like i had fallen down the rabbit hole and landed myself in a fictional story.

The iconic double decker bus drove past as i reached the other end of the park. Could this really become my home?. The excitement that filled my stomach was a true indicator of what was in store, i had to make sure i stayed and experienced it first hand.

Fresh off the plane


Within a few days i found myself sitting in the office of Knightsbridge Nannies  signing away my life and running through a list of potential families. Days later  I landed myself a fantastic role in a beautiful five story home right by Portobello Road, Notting Hill. The girls were school aged which freed up most of my week, my room was exceptionally cute and very ‘london’ and the pay was more than generous.

The family was separated and the Dad travelled often, leaving the five story house to me for most half for the time.  The elegantly styled house was home to many cosy areas, a decked out library and several fire places. Can you picture it?

My favourite breakfast spot was also David Bekhams favourite breakfast spot (my personal opinion based on the fact he was there several times when i was )  and my street  resembled a movie scene. I had to pinch myself every morning for a few weeks, just to make sure i was really awake and that this really was my life.

While it was picture perfect, i only stayed in the role for 4 weeks…. but that is a story for another time.
x Louise.

Portobello Road, Notting Hill



15 comments on “Travel Diary: How i became a Notting Hill Nanny.

  1. Very interested in reading the ‘story for another time’… 🙂

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  2. I worked as a nanny in the UK as well and I lasted about 3 months!


  3. Wow that was good luck. Are you still here?

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  4. great post and lovely photos. You look really beautiful 🙂 Enjoy the day. Thank you for enjoying my posts too.

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  6. Wow! What an interesting read! Notting Hill is one of my favorite areas in London:)

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