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SYDNEY: Vivid at Taronga Zoo

Last week , i ventured out to Taronga Zoo to experience the VIVID light festival. For the first time, Taronga Zoo have opened their doors to the VIVID light festival and created an amazing place for families to experience it.

If you’re visiting Sydney in the months of May-June, make sure you book in a trip to the Sydney Vivid Festival. Whether you’re experiencing vidid in the city or at Taronga Zoo, you wont be disappointed.

We took my friends daughter, who is 17months old. Watching her reactions to each animal was the highlight of my night.

Here are some of my favourite pictures, taken on my Canon g12 powershot.


Visiting Taronga Zoo for Vivid 


About Vivid at the Zoo:  The Vivid experience starts with a moving light show, projected onto the entrances building. Swimming turtles, fierce tigers and cheeky monkeys make their way across the building, creating the illusion that your little ones are up close and personal with these wonderful animals.

The zoo is set up for an hours walk around the track (if you’re like me and stop to photograph everything) the flow of people is one-way so make sure you stop to view everything on your way, there is no “we’ll go back to that”.

Cost: For as little as 17 for adults and 11 for children.

Note: the exit is through the gift shop so be prepared for toy requests.


Did you get to experience Vivid this year? 

Video taken at Vivid in the City.





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