How do i start a Travel Blog?  

One of the most common questions i receive, is how to start a Travel Blog. When people find out that i am given opportunities to travel at a discounted rate, sometimes free, they are quick to ask how i started my blog and what i did next.  

First of all, i did not create my blog with free travel in mind. To begin with, my blog was a way of showing my family what i was up to, without having to write 10 separate emails. It evolved into a ‘travel blog’ when i fell in love with travelling and knew i would spend the next 5years exploring the globe. 

I wanted to share with others, the freedom and fun that is inherited when you set off to travel. I wanted to capture the many cultures, magnificent architecture and phenomenal natural wonders, that this world has on offer. I wanted to create a place that would inspire others to do the same, show people how easy it is to do and have a little (or a lot) of fun along the way. ( Full story here ) 




First of all, i had to decide which blogging platform i wanted to create my blog from. When i first created my blog, i only knew about tumblr.  I created an account and began sharing my own travel photos and ‘reblogging’ other people’s photos.  It wasn’t until i stumbled across a few other travel blogs that i decided to switch over to wordpress.  Personally, i find wordpress to be the most functional, easy to use platform to blog from. 


Choosing your blog name can be difficult to do. Coming up with something catchy and original will take time, but is worth it. I honestly didn’t put much thought into my name, i went with the practicality behind my blog, i wanted to capture my experiences and share them, hence the name, captured to share.


Once you have decided on your blog name, chosen your blogging platform and are ready to start blogging, it is a good idea to purchase your blogging domain. To begin with, my URL was, being able to cut out the ‘wordpress’ gives the illusion of a self functioning site and also makes your blog look more professional.


Functionality is the number one thing that will separate a successful blog to an unsuccessful blog. When people come to your site, they’re looking for something. If they can not find it, they’ll leave.  You want to create a simple, easy to use layout that directs your views EXACTLY where you want them to go.  I use the Dyad theme (Free), but i have used many similar themes along the way.  Your theme gives you the look and feel of your blog, it is important you choose the right theme for YOU!


When creating a blog, you want your content to be of quality and relevant.  At first, my blog was a jumble of everything i was thinking and feeling. It wasn’t until i decided to take my blogging seriously, that i began to change the way i shared content.  Make sure your titles are catchy, your content is helpful and your photos are good quality.


Now that your blog is ready, its time to attract traffic to your site.

  • Be yourself. The most important thing when you’re trying to attract traffic to your site is to remember to be yourself. People love blogs that are personal, unique and relatable. Remember to be yourself and try to avoid mimicking someone else’s site.
  • Tags and Content. Use your tags, titles and content to appear in google search and wordpress reader.  Make sure you tag your posts with relevant tags. Think about what people are looking for and create your posts around that. ‘HOW TO’ is one of the most searched words in google. Examples of : “how to travel on a budget”, ” how to survive a long flight” etc.
  • Social Media has become one of the biggest platform for advertising. If you want your blog to gain traffic, make sure you’re sharing your posts on one or more social media platforms. Captured to Share is on InstagramFacebook and recently on twitter.
  • Connect with other bloggers. This is one of my favourite parts of blogging. If you want to experience organic growth for your blog, connect with other bloggers. Read their posts, like them (if you like it), comment on it, follow them. Create a little blogging community around yourself, full of people who inspire you.

Good Luck!!

Is there anything i missed that you would like answered? Comment below. xo


14 comments on “How to start a Blog

  1. That looks like such a chill place to be!

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  2. inspiring post! thanks for sharing!

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  3. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

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  4. Has buying your own domain name helped your blog much? I keep thinking of upgrading but as I am doing it as a hobby not sure if it worth it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel it has. When I write a post and it comes up in google search people are more likely to click on a website rather than a blog but as a hobbie, it doesn’t matter too much! I swapped over when I wanted take my blog more seriously. It was only $25.00 or so for the domain. Small price really. I’m still on the basic pack (free)


  5. I didn’t realise you could still use the basic pack. Thanks for that I might go ahead and change it.

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  6. sassybutsavvy

    I only just started so this is really great! Been thinking twice about buying my own domain, I should!

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    • Glad you liked it! Get the ball rolling and when you’re feeling a little established the domain name will give your blog a little boost in the right direction. Feel free to ask any questions along the way. x


  7. Hi again haha thanks again for sharing your tips on blogging! I’ve had my blog for a little over a year now but I’ve been slow to blog and unsure about what content to put up/how to blog haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s so confusing at first! I use to spend hours trying to figure out what I should post (in order to keep up with my one a week goal). Now I just post what is on my mind and aim to make my blog a little more personal! Thanks for reading 🙂 x


  8. Great article and a wonderful website – it looks great! I want to travel more myself!

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