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SYDNEY: Barrenjoey Headland

It has been 9months since we returned from living abroad in London and two years since i quit my job to Travel. I have to admit, it has been tough. At first i was very assertive, i made a pact to myself that i would live like a traveller and  keep that ‘traveller’ spirit alive.

My partner moved to Sydney and we settled down in our small and humble two bedroom unit by the beach. I got my old job back, working part time and began planning little trips around Australia. Within the first month of being home i made a trip to Adelaide, Brisbane, The Gold Coast and Noosa.  Within a few months, i was flying back to London to work, business class to Switzerland and had our trip to Bali booked in.

Everything was great, until it wasn’t.

I found myself completely back in old routine, taking on way too much family responsibility and having zero time left to just ENJOY my own city.  I felt like the blog had hit a wall and so had i.

After several days of complaining, i realised it was up to me to get back on track and start living with that passion for wander again.   We started to spend our weekends exploring local areas, watching the sunset from different headlands and trying out new cafe’s and bars.

This weekend, we drove up to the famous Palm Beach, aka Summer Bay and decided to do the walk up to Barrenjoey Lighthouse/headland.


Barrenjoey headland is located in the suburb of Palm Beach, known as Sydney’s most Northern tip.  Palm Beach is approximately 1hour from Sydney’s CBD but worth the visit.


There are two options (we found a 3rd) up to the headland. If you’re feeling fit, take the 400metre route up the stairs, otherwise, the path is 800 meters with less of an incline.
Towards the top of the track, you can continue walking up to the light house OR take a left and wander off through the brush for the best panoramic  views.


We spent a few hours at the top of the headland, watching the ocean, exploring the caves and sitting in silence… okay, there wasn’t really any silence… i talk ALOT ( i can see Jay nodding as he reads this )

Saturday well spent.


Have you ever been to Sydney? What was your favourite look out spot?


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