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Weekend trip to The Blue Mountains. 

As you may have read in my previous post (see here) we decided to head to the Blue Mountains for the weekend.   The Blue Mountains are located west of Sydney and  are known for its beautiful scenery, waterfalls, national parks, hikes and steep cliffs.

The drive from Sydney is approximately 75KM and took us a little under 2 hours from our front door (Northern Beaches, Sydney)

When we arrived, we discovered the area had been affected by hazard burning, creating a thick smoke throughout the entire town of Katoomba.  A little disappointed we decided to go for a wander through town and try our luck at Echo Point.

We came across the Katoomba street art walk, a little alley way just down from the town centre, covered in graffiti and different art works.


Echo Point was covered in smoke, hiding the three sisters from view. Local firefighters informed us that the smoke would take two days to clear and if we wanted to experience the scenery of the Blue Mountains, we should move further west to another area.

We decided to stay put and enjoy the quaint town of Katoomba, even if it was spent drifting between boutique stores and coffee shops and try our luck for the following day.


The view from Echo Point



As the sun set.


Mexican for lunch


It defiantly wasn’t luxury living sleeping in the car but it made for a great laugh and ended up being rather cosy. Thanks to our lack of sleep, we were up before dawn so decided to make the most of it and head back to Echo Point for sunrise.

It was FREEZING so I took one of the blankets from the car and wrapped it around me. A few people had the same idea and were already there with their tripods set up.

The fog was thick and lingering over the valley. The tips of the mountain and three sisters were peaking out the top of the fog with the beautiful backdrop of the rising sun.
Once the sun had risen we stopped for breakfast before heading to the Cascades in Leura.


Breakfast at the Clean Slate Cafe

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Top tips for visiting the Blue Mountains 

Where to stay:  If you’re visiting the Blue Mountains, the best town to stay in is Katoomba. Katoomba is the main town of the Mountains and located a short distance from Echo Point and the cascades.  Second to Katoomba is Blackheath. Blackheath is home to some incredible hikes, rain forests and the canyon. 

Where we ate :  Breakfast: The Clean Slate Cafe has a delicious menu and great coffee but lacks fresh fruit/ yoghurt and other vegetarian/healthy options.
Lunch: The Thunderbirds Mexican restaurant was devine!! We had vegetarian quesadilla’s.
Dinner: If you want value for money, the RSL has an ‘all you can eat’ buffet for $25.00. The buffet has a range of salads, sea food, vegetarian meals, asian meals, soups and roast meats.
For other ‘trips advisors’ top 10 places to eat click HERE

What to do:  Take a photo with the Three Sisters at Echo point, explore the Cascades at Leura, eat at one of the many eateries in Katoomba, take on one of the hikes at Wentworth Falls, hike the canyon at Blackheath and photograph the beauty of the Valley of Waters.

Have you been to the Blue Mountains? What would you recommend for first timers visiting this beautiful destination?



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  2. I never made it to the Blue Mountains when I was in Australia but this has definitely made me regret that decision. Hopefully I’ll make it back one day and be able to rectify that.

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  3. Beautiful photos. Adding it to my bucket list!

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  5. I benefit from reading through your site. With thanks!

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