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Three day trips you have to make when visiting Bali.

Leading up to my recent trip to Bali, i was told by lot of different people that i will either  love or hate Bali. Although i can see why certain people would prefer to travel elsewhere, i  defiantly found myself on the ‘love’ side of that spectrum.

As you may have read in ‘the legian one’ post, we stayed between Legian and Kuta, just up from the beach.  With lots to see and do, it was hard to fit everything in one week. !



    From the Uluwatu temple to Padang Padang  beach, Uluwatu is a day trip you can not miss.

    We booked a driver through our hotel* and had him take us to ALL the hot spots between Kuta and Uluwatu.  We started our day snorkelling at NUSA DUA, the home to water sports. If i am going to write a honest article, i would highly recommend you skip the snorkelling. Yes, it was cool to see fish swimming around you BUT this is NOT the best place to do so.  Our boat driver then took us over to Turtle island.

    From here, we visited Monkey forest, Uluwatu temple and then headed to Dreamland Beach for lunch. Dreamland beach was exactly that… a dream land.The highlight of the day was defiantly Padang Padang beach.

    Read more about Uluwatu Here.

    *Make sure you take a driver rather than a taxi. Your driver will take you to each spot, wait for you and then drive you home at the end of the day. Flat rate.

  1. UBUD

Our second ‘day trip’ out of Kuta was to the UBUD Rice fields. Along the way we stopped several times at different jewellery, art and material printing locations. Ubud Rice fields were a little over an hour away from our hotel (again, it is recommended you take your own driver) so we managed to make it there before lunch time. 

The rice fields are free, however, there are several families living on and maintaining the fields that will ask for a donation along the way. Whether its towards a drinking coconut, to get your photo taken or for to purchase a hat.

 Our mistake was donating a large amount at the very beginning when we entered, not realising there would be more families throughout the fields.

Read more about our trip to Ubud, Here.

    Photo by @polkadotpassport

    Unfortunaly, we didnt make it to Gilli Islands but we sure had it on our bucket-list. We heard so much about the islands that we were very eager to get there. What we didnt realise is that it’s recommended, almost compulsory to stay the evening on the island. 

    Of course, not planning for this, we left it too late and ran out of time.
    You can read about Gili Islands on Polkadot Passport. 

 Have you been to Bali? Where was your favourite spot? 


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  1. I love Bali and I enjoy staying around Legian for a few days but then I need to go somewhere that is less touristy!

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  6. Hello Louise, that is an adventurous life indeed. I hope you have enough material already for the novel πŸ™‚ Looking forward to your posts. Cheers.

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