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Travel has a way of anchoring you in the NOW! 

Standing on the top of a mountain, 2620m above sea level, with the French alps before me, clouds below me and incredible landscapes surrounding me… How could I do anything else than stand still?

The past week has taught me many things as well as remind me that travel is one of those things in life that anchors you in the moment. Life is so busy. Our mind is constantly ticking, entertaining thought after thought, wandering between memories of the past and hopes/worries of the future.

It’s hard to quiet the monkey mind, to be totally present, to be anchored in a moment and yet every time I travel I become completly drawn to the present.  The only place my mind is, is where I am. I become overwhelmed by a stillness, an inner joy and peace that can not be found with a wandering mind.

I am inspired to become the best version of myself, to do the things I think I can not do, to go to places I’ve always dreamt of and to live a life that is not measured by the money I have acquired but the riches of my experiences.


If you want to follow my journey and are not already, check out my Instagram page @capturedtoshare.
The process of finding wifi, sifting through photos and uploading from my camera can be a long one & sometimes takes me weeks prior to travel. Instagram is an easy way to receive daily updates & photos along the way!



2 comments on “Travel has a way of anchoring you in the NOW! 

  1. to be the best version of one that is an inspiring thought! really well traveled person is akin to a well read person 🙂

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  2. Love that phrase – ‘to quiet the monkey mind’. Great writing. You’re welcome over at Jules Told Me any time – glad to see you liked the Vietnam piece and hope to catch up with your travels again some time.

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