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Ibiza, Spain

“The island of Ibiza is known for being a hedonistic party island, but there is much more to discover”

After spending four days in the beautiful Ibiza, i couldn’t agree more with this statement. I have to admit, before visiting Ibiza, the only word that would come to mind was party.  I pictured a very small island, with a row of enormous clubs lined up one by one and non-stop parties. I wasn’t entirely wrong, there really is non-stop parties but there is also so much more to Ibiza than a small row of big clubs.

For staters, the clubs are all very spread out across the island and each club is entirely different to the next. Secondly, there really is so much more to Ibiza than just the parties and thirdly, it is a place you can bring your children. Yes, to my initial surprise, many families visit Ibiza each year.

Despite only seeing little of the Ibiza and having a small amount of time on our hands, i managed to gain a new perspective of this Balearic Island .

We stayed at hostal Ibiza in a private room at a reasonable price (okay not really but we booked really last minute) The rooms were modern, tidy and perfect for groups, inidividuals or couples. Hostal Ibiza is positioned just by the port of Ibiza city and in walking distance (reasonable) to one of Ibiza’s top clubs, Pacha.

The next day, we enjoyed a slightly hung over breakfast by the port, met up with our friends who had just arrived and headed to the other side of the island for the Zoo project boat party ( DO NOT DO THIS! ) it was terrible. Everyone was sea sick and nothing about the experience was enjoyable.

However, the after party at an old zoo was a really cool experience. ( Do that )

On Sunday. We decided it was time to explore the island. Ten minutes from our hostel was Platja de ses Figueretes, a beautiful beach, row of bars and lots of restaurants.


My recommendations for Ibiza 

  1. Visit old town of Ibiza
  2. Try some of the beach sport activities. Diving, speed boating or parasailing
  3. Day a day trip to beautiful Formenta
  4. Have a cocktail/ long lunch by the sea
  5. Taste the local food at the many family run restaurants ( traditional Spanish paella is my reccomendation)
  6. Watch the sun set at cafe Del Mar
  7. Experience the night life/ some of the top clubs in the world
  8. Visit the Hippie Market in Es Cana.
  9. Relax at Playa d’en bossa beach
  10. Simply wander

Have you ever been to Ibiza? What would you reccomend? X


4 comments on “Ibiza, Spain

  1. thesinglemummemoirs

    I took my 3 boys to Ibiza last year and loved it! You don’t have to be a party animal, the island is beautiful for all 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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