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3 European destinations that were not on my list and should be

The greatest advantage of living in London is having Europe at your doorstop. I have been living abroad for 10months and although i have been lucky enough to travel often, my bucketlist continues to grow (not shrink).

Today, i added three new places to my list of ‘MUST VISIT in Europe’. I want to share these three places with you, incase you were unaware of their existence and to inspire you to search beyond the popular European destinations..
1. Navagio Beach, Greece Navagio-Beach-Zakynthos-Ionian-Islands-Greece The combination of the clear turquoise water + beautiful white sand, makes this place one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe ( in my opinion ). In the past, when i was to hear the word ‘Greece’, i pictured the uniform white and blue buildings and destinations like Santorini, Mykonos and Ios… Now, my mind drifts to the island of  Zakynthos, where this beautiful beach is hidden.

2. The trolls tongue, Norway Om5tVYT  The  ledge that hovers about 2,300 feet above the lake below, The trolls tongue. This beautiful, picture perfect place is located in Norway and is a 10hour (return) hike from Skjeggedal.  Travellers suggest that journey to Trolls tongue is to be made by ‘experienced hikers’ only, challenge accepted.

3. Plitvice lakes, Croatia Turquoise-Plitvice-Lake-Croatia My favourite of the three, by far. This incredible national park & series of 7 lakes has me completely mesmerised. Located 2hours from Zagar, Croatia & available to public 11hours per day. I am forever mesmerised by the impeccable beauty of such formless things.


7 comments on “3 European destinations that were not on my list and should be

  1. I recently added the Troll’s Tongue to my bucket list as well!

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  2. Oh I’m going to put Navagio beach on my list. Plitvice Lakes National
    National Park is indeed beautiful. We went there last year and had a blast! Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

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  4. kellybarcus

    Wow, that water in Greece looks amazing. Plitvice Lakes (or anything in Croatia) wasn’t on our list initially, until I stumbled upon a picture of the amazing waterfalls at Krka National Park. So glad I did, because Croatia is insanely beautiful! Definitely agree it should be on anyone’s list!

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