Lagos, Portugal

One of my favourite trips was my weekend away to Portugal.   Unfortunatly, I only had time to stay one night in Libson but it was worth it! We stayed in a great spot, at one of the coolest hostels I’ve been too,  the sunset destinations hostel. The next day,  I made my way down to Lagos on the bus. It took me 4hours to travel between the two, but the bus was comfortable and time past by quickly.

When I arrived to Lagos, i checked into our hostel, The Rising Cock and headed straight to the beach! 

( *note: if you’re looking for something incredibly modern and clean, this hostel isn’t for you. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for somewhere central, with a great atmosphere, incredibly helpful staff and a large common room to mingle with travellers, then you need to book in early for the Rising Cock hostel.) 

The minute we arrived, we were welcomed by the owner ‘Mama’, who smiled at us, put her arms out and beamed “welcome home”.  .

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What to do in LAGOS? 

 Bar hopping
Get yourself a happy hour cocktails at Zanzibar, make the most of the 1euro shots at the Slider bar, get face painted at the tavern and your dance on at the Grand Café. Whether you’re on a pub crawl, travelling alone or in a group of friends, you’re guaranteed to have a great time in Lagos! 

Kayak tours
One of the most popular day time activities in Lagos is the 3hour Kayak tour along the coast line. Explore ancient caves and grottoes as you Kayak along the coast of Portugal.  Book yourself a tour HERE



During our wanders through the many side streets, we discovered countless unique jewellery stalls, markets, leather bags, clothing and many more stalls. Our favourite stall was located right by the Rising Cock, selling beautiful one of a kind crystal necklaces.

Booze cruise
We didn’t do this while we were in Lagos due to lack of time, however, we heard non stop feed back from other travellers that it is a must!

Relax at the beach and explore the caves for yourself!
I have to admit, i spent majority of my every day laying on the beach, taking in the view of the beautiful rock formations and crystal seas. See for yourself-

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Have you ever been to Lagos? What would you recommend for visitors? xx


4 comments on “Lagos, Portugal

  1. Hey Louise, I booked my flight to Lisbon last night (all tickets to Lagos were gone already, can you believe it?) We’re flying into Lisbon and head straight down to the Algarve. The rock formations are stunning, especially with the Bridge (?) inbetween. Where is that? I’d love to visit it 🙂

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    • Hi susanne, sorry for the late reply. The rock formations really are. Its a fantastic beach walk through all the caves along the coast. I recommend a kayak tour also. From memory the photos were taken at Batana beach, Praia dos Estudantes and Praia do Pinhão three beaches in a row in Largos. You can google map these places. Very close to the town centre. There is also a few great cafe spots on the cliff faces. Enjoy!!

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