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The beauty of Jervis Bay, NSW

This weekend, my boyfriend and i decided to drive from Sydney to Bateman’s Bay for a little weekend away.  The place that caught our attention, made us fall in love and prevented us from seeing much more along the way was JERVIS BAY!

Just wow.

The beautiful Jervis bay is known for its white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Located on the south coast of New South Wales, only three hours drive from Sydney, Jervis Bay is a must-see destination.

The beauty of Jervis Bay!

The first stop along the way is Huskisson Bay. After driving all morning, we decided to stop here for some lunch. We ate the most delicious lunch at the Huskinsson club on the water front.  IMG_5737IMG_5746IMG_5744IMG_5750IMG_5748IMG_5738IMG_5755

Next, we stopped off at the famous HYAMS beach for a few beers, a swim and a little photography! Hyams beach is known to have some of the whitest sand in the world ( if not the whitest)


We had several texts prompting us to take a trip to the national park and swim at Murray’s beach, so we did. The national park will cost you $11 to enter but is worth every cent (infact its worth more!)


We had the best time exploring and are already planning another trip down south to this beautiful Australian destination.

Have you ever been to Jervis Bay? What was your favourite beach?

x L


4 comments on “The beauty of Jervis Bay, NSW

  1. mickey2travel

    This looks fantastic! Thank you for sharing!

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  3. We lived in Jervis Bay for four years. Nelson’s beach is a fantastic dog beach for furry friends in Vincentia but the beaches next door along white sands walk are spectacular including Greenfields and Blenheim beaches. Favourite beaches inside Jervis Bay territory would have to be Green Patch and Murray’s and whale watching from Govenor’s head/point in whale season is amazing. This blog has made me miss JB terribly, it’s the most beautiful place.

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