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Sydney to Batemans bay

After an incredible two weeks over in Switzerland and London, i decided it was time to see a little more of my own country.  Two weeks away from my partner in crime meant we had a lot of to catch up on and were in need for some quality time together. What better way to do so than a road trip along Australia’s east coast?12767447_10208187966044446_1824275232_n.jpg

My last drive on the east coast was NORTH to Noosa in Queensland. This time, we decided to go south, driving from Sydney to Batemans Bay.

One of the biggest influences behind this drive was my desire to see the beautiful Jervis Bay that was continually popping up on my instagram as one of the worlds whitest sand.


selected from  Jervis Bay on Instagram

The drive from Sydney to Bateman’s bay takes approximately 4-5hours depending on where you’re driving from. With A LOT to see and do along the way, we tried to break up our trip into a few stops.

If you’re doing a trip south from Sydney, make sure you experience a few of these destinations along the way.

Take the scenic route to Wollongong
I’m not going to lie, we didn’t stop at Wollongong along the way, simply because of the weather during our drive. However, i have been to Wollongong several times and would definitely suggest to travellers to make a pit stop in Wollongong. If you’re heading south, make sure you venture to The Great Pacific Drive, instead of sticking to the highway. You wont regret adding extra time to your journey when you see the view along the east coast of Australia.


Stop for a doughnut in Berry 
I absolutely adored the quaint town of Berry. Make sure you stop for a doughnut from the ‘famous doughnut van’. When we arrived in Berry, we were not exactly sure where to find this famous van. Thankfully, a crowd of people gave us a good idea of where it may be. After waiting for the 27 people in front of us to get their orders, we finally received our doughnuts… holly molly, it was worth the wait!
On a side note, there is a fantastic whole foods cafe on the same street just about 50 metres down the road, if you’re not into doughnuts, Berry is still a stop you have to make.

Dive into the crystal waters of Jervis Bay
Well, this was by far my favourite part of the journey. Taking a left off the highway and onto Jervis Bay road, i was smiling the entire way down to Hyams Beach. I had heard all about its white-sanded beaches but still wasn’t prepared for paradise.   Make sure you visit Booderee National park and Murray’s beach while you’re there!

(more on Jervis Bay HERE.)


Make a pit stop in Milton
Milton is within the city of shoalhaven and is home to beautiful boutiques, cafe’s and more. “The village boasts art galleries and antique vendors, alfresco cafes and fine-dining restaurants, sophisticated fashion boutiques and contemporary home-ware stores.”

Hello, Batemans Bay! 
We finally arrived at Bateman’s Bay around 5pm on Saturday evening. On arrival, we were given an upgrade from our motel room to a two bedroom apartment ( thank you life ) had a few beers on the balcony and then walked into town for some dinner. We were lucky enough to catch the sunset as we were walking over the bridge.


What’s your favourite drive to do in Australia?

x L

Road trip selfie #capturedtoshare

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  1. So funny, I’ve just been writing a blog all about our time in Wollongong! Great post 💕

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