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The power of your words

While away at Jervis Bay, i was hanging out at one of the local beaches when i was approached by two younger girls. One of the girls called out to get my attention and then walked over to ask if my name was Louise.

At first, i was a little confused and was wondering if they had seen me tag myself at the beach on instagram. Feeling a little awkward i hesitantly said yes.

They proceeded to tell me that they went to the same high school as i did and were in year 7 when i was in year 12. The girls had attended a lunch time christian group that i was apart of at the time.  Early 2008 i had given a talk to the girls about my life, growing up lacking a father figure around and how it affected the way i related to others. I also shared ways i fought through the pain and found contentment in who i was as an individual. 

These two girls, years later, were still encouraged by my 10minute talk. One of the girls exclaimed ” I just had to come over and say something, i know if my story had encouraged someone that much, so many years later, i would like to know”.

As the girls walked away, i was left feeling really encouraged that my words could mean that much to someone and that four hours from home, i was being reminded of that part of my life.

Today, i couldn’t stop thinking about the power of our words.  We underestimate how powerful our words can be. Whether you’re speaking them over your own life, or to other person, they have influence. 

I was reminded to be slow to speak, to consider what i am saying when speaking with others and to have purpose behind the way i talk.  I was reminded that with a single negative remark, you can damage someone’s sense of self and bring discouragement to someone who may really need support.

I was also reminded, that by being a positive person, by speaking words of encouragement, love, kindness, wisdom and positivity, you have the power to influence the way someone thinks, views themselves and views the world.

Lastly, i remembered the importance of being kind on myself.


How have someone’s words affected you in the positive? Do you remember to speak positively about your own life? 

x L



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