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Why I started Captured to Share

This month marks one year since i started Captured to Share. To acknowledge how much has happened in the past 365 days, i thought it was time i launched a new section of the blog, sharing a little more about me.

From today, ‘On a personal note‘ will become a big part of  my writing on Captured to Share.

Today, i decided to share with my readers, WHY i started blogging and in particular, why this blog.

“We wanted to live our lives worthy of a novel”

In July of 2014, i was on a top deck tour around Europe. During our tour, we spent a lot of time travelling on a bus between countries. My new friend (now boyfriend) and i sat next to each other for a lot of these journeys.

One day, we got talking about life (as you do while travelling). We both shared a common dream to one day write a novel. Neither of us knew what exactly we wanted to write a novel about and found ourselves laughing over the fact that we both did really bad in english at school.

Through this conversation, we realised that the reason we wanted to write a novel, wasn’t because we were passionate about writing but because we wanted our lives to count.

We made a pact that even if we were to never publish a book, we wanted to live our lives worthy of a novel. We wanted to look back on life with no regrets and have incredible stories to tell.

I decided i need to embrace each day of life, to capture the beautiful moments and to document them along the way.  Although i didn’t start the blog straight away, i defiantly started living.  I travelled around europe with friends, moved to London without any money and began my life as a nanny for a high profile family.

When i finally started up Captured to Share, i was overwhelmed by the response. I had no idea the blogging community was so fantastic, supportive and embracing.  I started to receive feedback on my posts and most of all, my family were able to see what i was up to while i was away.

I fell in love with travel and the opportunities it presented me. I loved meeting new people, experiencing new foods, discovering new ways of thinking, hearing other peoples stories and learning more about myself. { you may like to read about why i travel)

A year on and i cant help but smile as i scroll down my blog.  I keep on asking myself “did that really happen?”… yes it did..

It’s amazing how much can come from one decision.

I would love to hear why YOU started blogging. What made you start up your blog?

x Louise


6 comments on “Why I started Captured to Share

  1. I started blogging as being a stay at home mum I needed a hobby that was just for me. I worked in travel for numerous years and we love going on little adventures so I thought why not tell our stories.

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    • I know a lot of stay at home mums that have done the same thing! It is a fantastic outlet and such a great tool for travellers to gain person insight about places around the world. Thank you for Sharing 🙂


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  4. Hey Louise! Thanks for visiting my little Blog just now- I am glad you did so I found yours! I totaly agree the blogger community is super supportive and it’s a nice vibe!

    Will follow you now and can’t wait to read more about your adventures and those of the other contributors! 🙂

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