Friday day dream destinations…

There is one thing i have learnt about ‘post travel blues’, your mind will often wander.

It was hard enough settling back into my old job and routine but trying to switch off my mind to not think of travel is impossible.  Sure, we may go away for the occasional weekend trips and have the bigger holidays in mind but i cant help but day dream about all the places i’m longing to visit.

Finishing up a long week at work, all i can think is “its time to get out of here again” …


We recently booked a week trip to head to Bali in April. Thanks to my instagram feed, i have been dreaming of an indonesian vacation for months now.  Luxury hotels, plunge pools, cocktails, rice fields, sunsets, beaches, rich culture….  Here are some of the photos that have me wishing i was there..


Travel Blogger, @Tuulavintage


Travel Blogger @polkadotpassport


#bali @_oceangirl_

2. Hawaii
Hawaii only recently made its way onto my bucketlist. You would think a place as beautiful would have been one of my top destinations but to be honest, until recently i never had a strong desire to head there. I must say, the blogging world as really opened up my eyes to THE WORLD. The more i see, the more i want to see. 


Cousin & Vegan vlogger @emily_hunt

3. New York, New York!
As Alicia Keys once said its a “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”. There is something about a big city that makes my heart skip a beat. Perhaps its the feeling of being so small and yet so capable at the same time.  I can’t wait to walk the streets of manhattan with my high heels on.


Travel Blogger @tuulavintage

4. Jervis bay
, Australia
Now this one is a little closer to home… Jevis bay is located 4hours south of Sydney.
There is something about white sand that screams tropical paradise. Check it out for yourself.


Friend & Travel Blogger @goldenhourgirl

What destinations have you day dreaming?
Have you ever been to any of the places on my list?


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