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The best of Europe

Tuesday was an overwhelming day, the day I bid Europe farewell and start my next adventure in the ‘ land down under’. After 15months of travelling Europe and living in the UK, I set off to  return to my home-land, Australia. Over the past year, I have been lucky enough to visit 15 European countries and countless beautiful cities. In reflection, I have created a list of my favourite places I have visited

The Best of Europe

Lagos, Portugal

11944919_10206929390460843_1623628828_nLagos is the perfect weekend spot for those living in Europe/ travelling for the summer. With a great nightlife and even greater beaches, it offers a little something for everyone. Read about my time in Lagos, Here Lagos, Portugal

Barcelona, Spain11698696_10206584017626738_6432225948984935411_n

Barcelona is not only one of my favourite European Cities, but is also among my ‘top travel destinations’ to date. Art, Culture and more… Barcelona is a must visit city. Read more about Barcelona Here!

Venice, Italy

IMG_1161Venice! Oh, Venice! There is nothing quiet like it. Quaint ally ways, countless bridges, canals, lace, sunshine, italian food and a picture perfect back drop…. Venice may just be one of the most romantic places on earth. If you’re visiting Europe, make sure you check out my list of ‘must do’s’ for Venice { Venice, Italy }

Paris, France


Speaking of romance… Paris was everything i imagined it to be. Whether you’re with a spouse, friend or travelling it solo, a day in Paris will truly take your breath away.  The city ( as well as a young Australian chap ) was quick to steal my heart. ( True story: While in Paris, i was given a rose at the Eiffel tower and spent the following day exploring the city with him, looking back on it, i suppose you could say that was my first date with my now boyfriend… nawww ) 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you’re a follower of our blog, then you would be familiar with our recent trip to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is one of the cities i managed to visit twice over the year and i would happily go there again for a third time. Despite the dull weather, Amsterdam is insanely beautiful and rich in experience. Check out our time in Amsterdam, Here

Berlin, Germany

14908_10203830476949942_121058398147577708_n-1Berlin is a place with an enormous amount of history. You can still see and feel the weight of their turbulent and tragic past.  Walking through Berlin, you will not be able to shy away from the stories that are held in every corner of the cities centre. The trendy and artistic scenery of Berlin, is not to be missed when visiting Germany.  Read about my experience in berlin, Here

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Source unknown
Source unknown

I feel in love with Dubrovnik long before i knew of ‘kings landing’. Despite the fact that every stop in Croatia was mind blowing, Dubrovnik still managed to stand out amongst the rest. Dubrovnik is rich in cultural and historical monuments and is included in UNESCO World Heritage List. If you ask me, the image speaks for itself- it’s magical.

Positano , Italy

The best time of the day- Positano, Italy
The best time of the day- Positano, Italy

, Positano, was my #1 favourite place in Europe. The Amalfi Coast, Italy, is unlike anything i have ever seen. Everywhere i looked, my mouth dropped and my camera fell short of taking a photo that did it justice. If you’re travelling Italy, make time to visit Positano on the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

The alps- France + Switzerland

This is a tie between my time spent in the Swiss Alps and the French Alps. I believe you can not go wrong when visiting any destination within the alps. check out my posts on both the SWISS ALPS and FRENCH ALPS

Ibiza, Spain

cropped-img_3628.png Ibiza, Spain caught me by surprise. The island was more than just a party destination. It provided a little something for every type of traveller, including families.

Capri Island, Italy

Capri Faraglioni- Capri, Italy
Capri Faraglioni- Capri, Italy

The beautiful Island of Capri, off Italy’s Amalfi Coast, snuck its way into my top 10 from my very first impression. Make sure you see the island by boat and pay the extra to go inside the blue grotto!
Have you been to Europe? What was your favourite spot? Perhaps it was something that was not on my list but should be (HERE)

x L


5 comments on “The best of Europe

  1. Your story in Paris sounds like a fairy tale, love it!

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  2. Great list. Thanks for sharing. My favorite was Prague!

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  3. Some great places there… Europe is full of beautiful places – otehrs I would recommned would be Stockholm, London, Prague, Zurich… amoung others… So many places in such a small space… Enjoy travelling

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