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SYDNEY: The Meriton Serviced Apartments, Chatswood

“Elegant, over-sized, modern and fully equipped for any stay” 


At the beginning of this year, we were feeling a little restless being back in Sydney, after spending  much time overseas.  Luckily, my partner knows how to wine and dine his girl and booked us a night away at the Meriton Serviced Apartments in Chatswood.

My first impression of the Meriton set the tone for the rest of the stay, it had the wow factor*. We found the staff to be very welcoming and friendly upon arrival and were escorted to our room, in style.

The apartment was immaculate. Modern, elegant and of great size. The rooms are fully equipped with everything you need,  from a gourmet kitchen to internal laundry.


lounge and kitchen area. Image: @capturedtoshare
Image: @capturedtoshare


We were quick to chuck on our swim suits and head to the pool area. We spent hours enjoying the serenity of the pool, spa and sauna.   Luck was on our side because we were the only ones in the pool area, granting us the relaxation and privacy that you would wish to experience during a hotel stay.

After the perfect, high pressured shower, we cracked open a bottle of red and watched the sun go down from our balcony.  With all the restaurants, bars and shops in walking distance, we were able to stroll down the road to dinner and stumble across a perfectly quaint cocktail bar.

Our evening was topped off when we discovered we had just climbed upon the world’s most comfortable bed. Jay loved it because he could roll as far away as he wanted and not be anywhere near me in the bed (he does love me but lets be honest… king beds triumph all)  I could have slept for the rest of eternity.

The details

Where:  Meriton Serviced Apartments. Chatswood, Sydney
Rating:  4stars
Cost: $155- $300+ per night. Pricing will vary depending on time of year and the room.
Type of travel: Ideal for couples, business and/or leisure.
Facilities available:  24 hours assistance, wifi, portor service, TV and DVD player, individual living and dining area, fully equipped gourmet kitchen, desk and study space, in built laundry, electrical swipe cards. security controlled lifts and leisure facilities such as pool, sauna, spa and gym.
 Book here: Website



*Note: this is based on our experiences only and should not be taken too seriously. Keep in mind we are use to backpacking and hostels and please, don’t get your panties in a twist if you disagree…


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