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10 ways to keep that ‘traveller’ spirit alive- when the travelling ends. 

Have you ever gone away for a long period of time and felt like everything about yourself and life as you know it has changed. What about when you returned back home?
I left London as a different person from when I first arrived. I felt like I saw a little clearer, dreamed a little bigger and sought after life a little more vigerously. It’s a unusual feeling, returning home, to a place where nothing and no one seems to have changed. A few more cafés have popped up, a baby has arrived and a wedding is in the pipe line but other than that, everything is exactly as I left it.
What’s worse, I’ve slotted right back in. Same friendship group, same weekend routine and surprisingly, I even have the same job back.
I almost feel like my life abroad was simply a parallel universe. That Louise in London is somewhat different to Louise in Sydney. This thought rattled me. I pleaded with my mind to stop. This is NOT what I want.
I sat and I pondered. I thought deeply about the lessons I learnt and people I met along the way and in that moment, I made a commitment t myself ,to remain changed.

How to keep the ‘traveller’ spirit alive when your travels end. 

It’s true. Travel changes you. The amount of times I heard people say “I am the best version of myself when I am travelling” made me consider getting it printed on a T-shirt (okay, not really). It’s almost like all your senses are heightened and your mind is open to all possibilities.

1. Embrace travellers in your home town. Don’t just stay within your own click. I made life long friends overseas, simply because everyone is open to everyone.  

2. Make yourself uncomfortable. Do something or go somewhere that you usually wouldn’t, and do it alone. 

3. Keep journaling. Write down all your experiences, take note of the new people you meet, new cafés you enjoy. Keep living a life worth writing about. 

4. Get up early and experience those golden moments of your day  

5. Remind yourself of your change

6. Be spontaneous!   Be spontaneous!!!! 

7. Plan weekends away even if it’s a two day getaway, keep the adventure alive! 

8. Break those habits. Regardless if your barista knows you, move cafés. Try new ones. 

9. Take interest in others. I never could believe how quickly I got to know people when I was travelling. For some reason, travellers seem to skip the small talk and dive into what matters. I love the “getting to know you” questions. 

10. Create a bucket list for your own country/city. For every country I visited, I had a list of things I wanted to do, see and experience. It dawned on me, while I was travelling, there are SO many things I have not yet done in my own city/ country. I made a list on the flight back home and have already managed to tick off a few things. 

How have you remained a trveller sithin your own home/country?



I want to see how YOU guys do it! Tag your ‘home’ travel shots with #capturedtoshare on Instagram.  Xx


4 comments on “10 ways to keep that ‘traveller’ spirit alive- when the travelling ends. 

  1. mickey2travel

    Great insight! I’ve found that too many “locals” don’t really know enough about their own city or towns! Getting out and finding something new within your city can be just as exciting as traveling 1000 miles to see something new!

    Liked by 1 person

    • 100% agree. I’m doing a lot of research and finding amazing places hidden away across Sydney and finally went to Sough Australia and Brisbane for the first time! Ticking off boxes!
      Thanks for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Adding you on Instagram!

    Liked by 1 person

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