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Disneyland, Paris 

Euro Disney, aka, Disneyland Paris, is known as “the happiest place on earth” and there are countless reasons why. Over the past six days, I spent my every second, exploring the different “lands” of Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

As everyone warned me, I quickly found out that six days was about 4 too many but we managed to put our time to use and become pro’s at navigating the enormous (inset how big) of ground.

Planning on visiting Eurodisney? Here are a few things I discovered along the way 

Hotel reccomendations The Disney hotel is by far the hotel of choice when visiting EuroDisney, convieniently located at the entrance of the park, it is the prime spot for those who are visiting for more than one day.  Second to this, my stay at the New York hotel was more than comfortable and close to the Disney Village.  The staff were helpful and the rooms are very tidy and spacious.  The hotel also has a pool, gym, bar and two restraunts.

Where to dine?  There are countless restaurants in and around the two parks, it can be hard to choose which restaurant to visit. Eating out for every meal, for 6 days, meant that I was able to experience a good handful. These are top three

  1. Mickey house cafe is the most popular place to eat at. Meet and greet the Disney Characters while you enjoy your meal. *note: book in advance as the mickey cafe books out quickly.
  2. Blue Lagoon, located in ‘adventure land’ besides the pirates of the Caribbean ride. This Candle lit, lagoon side, Caribbean style restaurant was definitely one of my favourite places to eat during my stay. The food was Devine and the atmosphere was amazing.
  3. Le Bistrot Chez Remy, located in the Walt Disney Studio’s, besides ratatouille ride. Shrink to the size of a mouse and enjoy an incredible french cuisine experience. Lovely staff and incredible food, its a must!

Navigating the ‘lands’. First things first, get your hands on a map + schedule for both Disney Land and Walt Disney studios. Plan your day around the show’s you/your children would like watch and characters you would like to see. Lines for meeting the characters can take up to 60minutes, so earlier is better.

  • Walt Disney Studio is home to Disney Junior, Stitch, Toy Story , Nemo, Spiderman, Cars and Ratatouille. There is one of the biggest Roller Coasters ( Rock ‘n Roller ) and Tower of Terror
  • Disney Land has four lands; Adventure land, Frontier land, Discovery land and Fantasy Land.
    Cruise through the pirates of the Caribbean, ride through the abandoned gold mind of thunder mountain, board a spaceflight stimulator for an excursion to Star Wars galaxy or fly over london to never land with Peter Pan. Whichever Land you choose, you’re not going to be disappointed.


At the end of the day, you will be physically and emotionally drained from a day of walking, long lines and crazy rides. Regardless of how tired you’re feeling, the 11pm light show and fireworks is a MUST!  If you can, pack a picnic and a blanket and head to the castle for the 930pm FROZEN parade, mind your spot as close to the castle as you can and stay on until the show begins.



Have you ever been to DisneyLand, Paris? What was you’re favourite part? xx

Teacups- Fantasy Land
Teacups- Fantasy Land
Frozen Sing Along
Frozen Sing Along
Pirates of the Caribbean - Adventure Land
Pirates of the Caribbean – Adventure Land
Hot Air Baloon Ride
Hot Air Baloon Ride


Walt Disney Studio's
Walt Disney Studio’s
IMG_4011 IMG_4036



2 comments on “Disneyland, Paris 

  1. Fab report! How were the rides?

    I went to Disneyland Paris on a blind date when I was young, single and crazy! Loved Disney. Did not love my date 😄

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